Health problems in people usually appear with age, but recently there are even more and more people with problems than before. It doesn’t matter which age, sex or race they are. The most common problems are also the problems with your ears.  This could pose a serious problem for one person, for example in the field of where they work: if you’re constantly telling people to repeat you what they’ve said you could have problems. You could also have problems by not hearing the horns of any vehicle, especially while you’re walking or driving.

The market nowadays offers numerous treatments for relief, but today, we’re going to suggest you a natural solution that’s going to help you reduce your hearing problems and solve the problems in your ears very quickly and easily! The ingredient that is used is very common and is used every day by people all around the world. It’s garlic!

Garlic is universally used to solve different health problems. You’ve also probably heard about numerous legends that claimed that garlic had the ability to destroy vampires.
Here’s what you need:


– 3 garlic cloves

– olive oil

– dropper

– cotton or gauze


Take the garlic cloves and remove their rind completely. Then, wash them and press them firmly so that you can extract the maximum quantity of juice possible. Mix the garlic juice with the olive oil and put it in the dropper.


Put three to four drops of this oil in each one of your ears. You really should rest after this, so that the oil could penetrate into your ear deeply. Rest for a while lying down. Take a piece of gauze or cotton to close your ear so that the oil can’t go out. The first results will appear very soon. You’ll be shocked that your hearing is improved by such a simple recipe and your ears will be much better!




      1. BG Keene

        WOW…. Since you are the author of this post, I’d think you would have noticed it does not give a quantity of olive oil to mix with the mashed garlic cloves. The article only gives a quantity of 3-4 drops of the mixture in each ear. No time frame for anticipated results or frequency of treatment.


      2. Fred Thompson

        I don’t think this will work because the tiny hairs inside of your ear are either damaged or gone , once this has happened you would need to regrow them and I don’t think this mixture will do that , I think it will clean your ears out , I’m going to try it just the same

      3. Cera

        Will this work for my older puppy? Seems to be hearing loss from old age, however I do understand garlic is a natural curative for many things. If I put garlic in my puppies ears I am afraid the house will stink. Seeing the vet tomorrow for an impacted tooth, but would be happy to try for hearing cures…maybe it’s the teeth in general…

      4. Patricia

        I looked at the image & it shows a bowl of olive oil. I cannot tell how big of a bowl it is.
        Why can’t you just say “1/4 cup” or whatever of oil? Don’t you know the answer?

      5. Steve

        This is absolutely not science based and nothing but BS. I have dealt with several ENT’S and all laugh at the notion that this could work for ANYTHING except perhaps loosening ear . This is bunk.

      1. Latisha

        You guys have to read. It says it. You have to read the article. 3 TO 4 DROPS OF OLIVE OIL

        1. Huggins88

          No. That’s 3 or 4 drops of the mixture. It does not give you the amount of olive oil to use. Perhaps you might want to see if you can delete your rudely written comment.

        2. Lea

          No. It says 3-4 drops of the MIXTURE into the ear, not 3-4 drops of olive oil mixed with the garlic oil. So what’s the garlic oil to olive oil ratio?

        3. Candy

          no that is not what it says. It says to put 3 to 4 drops of the oil mixture in your ears. That is not the same as what is in the mixture.

        4. Minnie

          Mix the garlic juice with the olive oil and put it in a dropper.

          Mix three to four drops of this oil in each of your ears.
          To me that is saying 3 to 4 drops of the mixture not 3 to 4 drops of olive oil. You really need to read.

        5. Serenbeck

          It does not say 3 to 4 drops of olive oil, it actually says

          “Mix the garlic juice with the olive oil and put it in the dropper.
          Put three to four drops of this oil in each one of your ears.”

          You need to read what you have written

        6. Cindy

          No, that’s AFTER it’s mixed with the garlic. It does NOT say how much oil to mix with the 3 cloves of garlic!

        7. Bob Not BOB

          Cmon people it is plain how the fomula is mixed. You start with 3 to 4 bushels of garlic put in to 19 gallon amount of olive oil and pump 3 to 4 quarts into each ear…I mean really people the instructions are straight forward!

    1. Maggie

      This is nonsense! This post gives you a recipe without the exact AMOUNT OF OLIVE NEEDED! NOR IT TELLS YOU THE TIME FRAME FOR RESULTS. TOTAL NONOSENSE!!

      1. Sandy

        You do not need an exact amout of anything. Lol. The pic showes about 3/4 cup of olive oil, and juice from 4 cloves of garlic.

      2. Lori

        An exact amt of olive oil is not needed, it is simply a way of getting the garlic to get into your ear. Do you have an exact measurement of how much butter is needed on your toast? Stupid comment!

      3. Moe

        Learn how to read and follow directions. If you have a problem, readjust the recipe until you accomplish the desired goal.

        1. CaptR

          You put da lime in da coconut and call me in da morn’n……
          Jesus people, the directions are simple and straight forward. Mix garlic juice with olive oil, add drops to ears. Who cares about the amount, it’s homeopathic snake oil anyway.

    2. Lyn

      I guess I am like the rest of the bunch, I looked at the image and don’t see the amount of oil you use. I see the garlic cloves. It looks like its not very much maybe what it would take to cover the bottom of a pan. My other question is does it have to be warmed up?

    3. Aida dcosta

      I had ear pain very badly since I put this drops,I had early ear operation due to water filled in,now what should I do can I continue with this drops

  1. Shari

    How often should this be done? Are the results permanent or is this have to be a life long treatment?

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Shari,

      Thanks for dropping by. Keep doing this until you see result. I can’t give you a definite answer whether the results are permanent or this have to be life long treatment.

      I’m so sorry about that.

      Good luck to you.

  2. Gary Gauthier

    The image does NOT indicate the ratio of garlic to olive oil. Please specify the ratio.

    1. Darlene

      Its three garlic cloves and three to four drops of olive oil good luck I won’t trust it I have hearing loss for ten yrs get heading aids that’s your best bet

    2. Lori

      They said 3 or 4 drops…exact amt is not important, you aren’t making a souffle. How does the world run if so many of you are confused by such simple directions?? SMH!

  3. Bonnie

    Well, this was disappointing. My hearing had no improvement at all. I am assuming this is actually meant for people with wax buildup in their ears that are dampening their hearing. But if your ear canals are clear then this has no other affect.

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Bonnie,

      Do you have a hearing problem before you try this? If so, what kind of hearing problem is that?

        1. Admin Post author

          Hi Marilyn,

          Try it out and see how it goes? If it worries you, then it is advisable to consult your doctor first.

    1. Karen

      If you only need three to 4 drops of olive oil per ear it’s shouldn’t be that hard to figure out how much olive oil people!!

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Bob southard,

      Sorry to reply this late. I’ve missed your comment.

      Just crush a clove of fresh raw garlic and dissolving it in some olive oil. Hope this helps.

  4. Monica

    Several people have noted there are no amounts of the olive oil listed. Why will you not answer the question on it? I see you’ve responded to others but not to those asking about the amounts. The photo above does not state the amount. Please answer

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Monica,

      Just crush a clove of fresh raw garlic and dissolving it in some olive oil. Hope this helps.

      1. Daniel

        Ok! Maybe now all of you with bad attitudes can see; she doesn’t specify the amount of olive oil. She only states to use, “some”. Possibly now you can stop calling people rude. Also, you may want to work on not being so hateful: it’s disgusting. She is helping those who listen. She didn’t post this helpful information to be called names by bitter people.

        •1/4 Tbs olive oil
        •The juice of 1 pressed garlic clove
        •1/8 tsp crushed black pepper

        Mix the ingredients and put in a dropper. Use 3 drops in each ear before you go to bed for maximum results. Put a cotton ball in each ear after applying the drops to keep the mixture from coming out. Repeat the steps every night for 1-2 weeks. ALWAYS CONSULT WITH YOUR HEALTH CARE PHYSICIAN BEFORE PUTTING ANYTHING IN, OR ON YOUR BODY.

    2. Alicia

      Honestly, you people need to read. The very first thing this article states under the heading USE: is to use three to four drops of oil. It’s not difficult to go back and read. It’s the very first thing. Anyone who’s used a dropper knows that it’s a small amount. Just put some olive oil in a small bowl, crush the garlic cloves into it, and use the dropper. It’s that simple.

  5. Carol Crawford

    How much oil. I see other people have asked but you haven’t answered…..

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Carol Crawford,

      Sorry to reply this late.

      Just 2 tablespoons olive oil will do. Hope this helps.

    2. rebee

      She said some olive oil, right so just use some a tsp full or 1/4 tsp full she said some. Your not going to get that much juice from the gloves anyways unless you use a lot of them so just do half and half. Its common sense really don’t put too much thinking in it.

      1. Donna

        If you put garlic in olive oil it will become rancid if you leave it out unrefrigerated. So what you don’t use please refrigerate or throw away

  6. Mary

    Reading through comments. You could have saved yourself a lot of trouble by just answering the question about the amount of olive oil from the start. Not understanding why you danced around the answer – the question was reasonable and simple yet you kept giving the same stupid ‘answer’.

    1. Latisha

      The answer is in the article. I don’t blame her. She posted it and doesn’t want to keep answering the same question.

      You’re welcome

      1. Salty

        Really it doesn’t, most people appeared to have read the instructions fully.
        It says to mix 3 cloves of pressed garlic juice with olive oil. Then use 3-4 drops of the mixture in the ear. After about 15 people asking she creates the 2 tbsp of oil to 3 juiced cloves.

      2. Janet

        No it never states n the article how much olive oil to use. It simply says to put 2 to 3 drops of the oil in your ear after it has been mixed with the garlic juice….no mention of how much olive oil to mix in. She is very evasive in all her replies…sounds bogus to me.

      3. Hope

        You must be seeing something we not seen because it does not tell you how much Olive oil to put in it just tells you to use 3 cloves of garlic.

      4. Renee

        The answer wasn’t in the article. Maybe YOU should read it. It says to put 3-4 drops of the mixture in your ears after you to mix it. And the admin answer wasn’t helpful, if they didn’t want a bunch of the same question in the comments they could’ve just gave a straight up answer the first time.

      5. David

        FYI, this article does NOT say 3-4 drops of olive oil. The question was, how much olive oil do you use for the mixture. The article only states that you put 3-4 drops of this oil in your ears. It doesn’t say to mix with 3-4 drops.

    2. theconinparis

      Oh for petes sake!! She has given you a recipe!! Tweak it to suit you!! Quit being so freaking RUDE!!! Try a few times.. maybe it wii work for you, maybe it wont!! Maybe it only works for people who are grateful!!!!

  7. Petro

    I do believe that it will for a ear infection. Hearing starts in the brain. Not the ear itself.

  8. ReRe

    Hello and Thank you for this post..

    My child has a hearing problem. Could this remedy work her?? She currently wears tubs to prevent fluid build up… But hearing still suffers. Would you recommend I use this remedy while the tubes are in her ears??
    Thank you for response.

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi ReRe,

      Seems that your children has a serious hearing problem. With her condition, it’s advisable to get professional advice from her doctor before you try this.

      Thanks for your understanding.

      1. Cheryl

        Give me a break people we are all adults… Just wing it! Your not placing battery acid in there. If it doesn’t work? Place the remaining mixture in a Sauce!

    2. Lisa


      I would wait until the tubes are removed to see if her hearing has improved. If it hasn’t, then there wouldn’t be any harm in trying.

      You do not say how old she is, however, I have a suggestion that may help all of you. Unless you already are doing this, go to the library, or on-line, and check out books/sites on “baby-sign.” Whether an infant or young school-age, a child, and her family, can usually only benefit from learning sign language! It increases intelligence, cognition and meaningful communication WELL before verbal communication is possible.
      True story – at a gathering earlier this summer, I was holding a lady’s 10-month old granddaughter. The child, whom I had not known before that day, and who’s hearing was good, made the sign for hungry!
      Surprised, I asked Grandmother if baby was being taught baby-sign? Yes she is, why? Because she just signed that she was hungry! Ok, bring her here, thanks.

      (Although not fluent, I know a fair bit of sign language as several friends are
      Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing (they object to being called “hearing impaired.”) )

      The baby wasn’t crying or fussy, she simply said she was hungry. Before being able to verbally communicate!!!

      I have also worked in the school district with mostly primary-age children, from regular education to special-needs. Sign language is frequently used in the classroom with wonderful results! The visuality of the sign backs up the spoken word.

      Good luck to you and your beautiful daughter!!!

      1. Lisa

        To ADMIN,

        Just because a child has tubes in one or both ears does not mean the child has a serious hearing problem! It can simply mean that the child has had too many ear infections and the doctor feels the tubes would help to ease the frequency of the infections. That was the case with my daughter when she was a child, now age 27 and her hearing is just fine.

    3. Nath

      Rere, I would not recommend you put anything in her ear if your daughter has tubes. This is a very effective method to clear ear infections but I’d advise you to wait until tubes work themselves out.

    4. Darlene

      Don’t put nothing in your kids ear take her/him to an ear Dr don’t be stupid relying on this

      1. Darlene

        Don’t put buying in your kids ear tale her/him to an ear Dr don’t be stupid relying on this

    5. Catg

      No! Do not put this in your child’s ears if they have tubes! It can cause permanent damage and infection.

  9. eva

    people are stupid. they dont bother to read the article or read the comments. they keep asking how much oil and the answer is in front of them. sad.

      1. KT

        “Mix the garlic juice with the olive oil and put it in the dropper.


        Put three to four drops of this oil in each one of your ears.”

        No – this tells how much of the mixture to put in the ear. There is no amount oil listed to begin with. The amount of garlic is specific, 3 cloves. People are asking the amount of oil that the garlic juice is added to, ie, 1 tsp, 1 Tbsp, 1 oz.
        It took quite a few comments before an answer with an exact measurement was given.
        The original post should be edited to include the amount. To expect a person to scroll through the comments and find the reply that has the answer is ridiculous. Especially since it took multiple reponses before a measurement was given.

    1. Hope

      You must be seeing something we not seen because it does not tell you how much Olive oil to put in it just tells you to use 3 cloves of garlic.

    2. James

      Are you talking about the “2 DROPS OF THIS” or the “three to four drops of this oil”. Neither refer to the amount of olive oil to be use for mixing with the garlic oil.

    3. Candy

      no it is not. It does not give the amount of oil and garlic in the mixture. But she did finally say in comments to mix the garlic with about 2 Tbls of olive oil. Would have been easier to put that in the instructions. that is not 3-4 drops. So you were wrong.

    4. Gloria

      Hi Eva.
      I just read through the article again and the amount of oil wasn’t stated. However, it was finally answered in one of the replies to one of the comments. It’s all good.

    5. Oleh

      Eva, Eva, Eva. Have you graduated from kindergarten yet? The questioners are correct, you are wrong. Also, this “remedy” is only useful for unclogging waxed up ears. It does nothing else. For max effect the mixture should be quite warm when inserting. Left overnight and flushed out in the morning with warm soapy water. Lastly, just very warm olive oil by itself does the same job.

    6. Oleh

      Eva, Eva, Eva. The questioners are correct, you are wrong. Also, this “remedy” is only useful for unclogging waxed up ears. It does nothing else. For max effect the mixture should be quite warm when inserting. Left overnight and flushed out in the morning with warm soapy water. Lastly, just very warm olive oil by itself does the same job.

  10. Aisha

    This recipe works for ear pain, when I was little I saw my grandparents doing it. The oil quantity depends on the individual. I saw my grandparents crushing the garlic and frying it in the oil. When the oil cools down you add the drops.

    1. Joan

      Admin, by Eva saying people are stupid is not helping you out. I’ve read the article and never once mentioned the ratio of olive oil to garlic juice. Why wouldn’t you just help and answer the question?
      First you say some olive oil, then you say 2 tbsp

      And Latisha, that’s what Admin is there for, not to say “read the article”. Total lack of customer service.

    2. Cynthia

      There you go Aisha seen it done for years have done it.Doesn’t cure major ear problems but it does help ear infections and ear pain we in the Caribbean do it Our fore parents and parents simple remedy and yes coconut oil can be used. To save it heat it in the oil then bottle it don’t used plastic ones through.

    3. Valerie

      Yes I remember the same. A doctor recomended putting some oil in you ear before he remove excess ear wax. When you have a real hearing problem it wil not do anything.

  11. Raven

    Yes people are ignorant! The answer is in the artical she posted, look for goodness sakes. Ive tried this remedy and YES! It does work. I saw improvements about an hour later, all you have to do is mix a couple drops of garlic oil with a couple drops of Olive oil, unless you dont know what a couple means then idk what to tell you. If you do this right then yes it works! Also look up 101 ways garlic, vinegar, and olive oil are useful.

  12. Sanchita

    Totally agree with Aisha. This is ancient remedy and used quite often.
    1 tsp of coconut oil or Olive oil plus 1 clove garlic. Remove the skin and chop garlic to the oil heating oil. Gas should be on lowest.bDo not burn/brown the garlic. Just golden and crisp. Let cool. Add 2-3 drops of this in each ear when still warm.
    Helps in pain relief of headaches, sinus, cold cough strain, ear wax and much more.

    Same oil when used in bellybutton helps reduce flatulence.
    P.S. Do not pour any sediment into the ear.

  13. Deanna

    Please be careful. Raw garlic stored in olive oil can breed botulism. I would make a small amount to use immediately and I would make it fresh every time I needed to use it.

  14. Irish

    Doesn’t this hurt? I tried putting crushed garlic on my arm and it burnssss!!! I want to try this but im afraid if it will hurt.

  15. Sharon

    I read the article twice it said 3 cloves of garlic and then olive oil but it never said anywhere the amount of olive oil. If it’s in there I’m not seeing it. Where does it say 2 tbls?
    Warming in spoon over stove burner is helpful with pain (I test on my wrist to make sure only warm)

  16. Carolina

    I think that it can cause an infection. You cannot put a mixture like that in an organ so delicate as the ears specially if they are closely connected with the brain.

  17. Earlene

    I would have some concern with putting oil into the ear canal, as oils can cause dust, small particles & pollution to stick to the inside of the ear canal, possibly leading to infection. Not worth the risk for something that’s not guaranteed & MIGHT work.

  18. Mark Dees

    I have read the article twice and had the same question about the amount of oil. The directions state to place 3 to 4 drops of the “mixture” in your ear. But it never states how much olive oil to use in the first place. Further complicated by the author’s response to the question. Author respond to use 2 tablespoon of olive oil to 3 cloves of garlic. Yet, it has to be used immediately and not stored. Two tablespoons of oil will yield a way more than 8 drops needed for 2 ears.

  19. Lesley


  20. Lesley

    Oh and I tried this have one ear that I don’t hear as much out off and this worked a treat had loads of things from pharmacy, it shows to stick to old fashioned ideas my grandmother used to make us have a spoon of cod liver oil when we were younger swore by it cured numerous ailments lol XOXO.

  21. Smarter than U

    HahahhahHah, y’all believe everything u read. She already don’t know the answer to your questions and you still believe this works… silly humans!!

  22. ron hall

    my doctor told me sum time ago,if you use cooking oil baby oil,is the best, clean, in your ears it softens the wax,the wax will come out on its own,

  23. ren

    latisha and eva should re-read the article as they are mistaken.
    it states 3 to 4 drops of the “oil” is placed in the ear, which is referring to the oil and garlic mixture, not the olive oil itself.
    it is understandable that viewers were confused on the amount of olive oil to be used.

  24. Nath

    Don’t be afraid of trying this method if you have an ear infection, pain or whistling in your ear. The original post was sharing wisdom that not many people know. I’m an RN but believe in using unconventional medicine whenever possible. Garlic is an antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral! Many ear infections may be fungal, viral, bacterial or a combination of these. Garlic, used with a carrier oil such as coconut or olive oils, can heal the infection. I did this with my 3 month old instead of using the antibiotics her doctor prescribed. I advise having a diagnosis first so that you’re certain it’s an infection that you’re dealing with. The recipe can be made in several ways including steeping the crushed garlic clove in either olive or coconut oil, on a low, constant heat to release the powerful enzymes in the garlic. It does not need to be an exact ratio but 2 TBS to 1 garlic clove is fine. Let this cool and strain out garlic so that only oil remains. Store excess in refrigerator then warm to body temp when you use it again.
    Hope this helps to clarify. (Avoid using on open wounds and if tubes are in ears!)

  25. Darlene S.

    Home remedies are sometimes fine to use however, when it comes to your ears and loss of hearing it’s best to consult with your doctor to check your ears before treating them with a home remedy that could make it worse.

  26. Emelie

    I have a 4 year old with severe hearing problems in one ear and 4 pairs of tubes put in. Can I use this on such a young age?

  27. Jami

    Can this mixture remove build ups of longtime dirt inside the ears? will it comes out itself? your reply will be much appreciated.. thank you

  28. Lynda

    No the amt. Of oil WAS NOT given initially. The article and pic says: use 2 drops of this MIXTURE, not how much olive oil to MAKE the MIXTURE people!!!!

  29. Lynn Shaker

    My parents used this method when I had ear infections as a child, my mother said that her mother used to use it when she was a child. I used the same thing for my two children when they were small, and it always worked for them. I would imagine that if it doesn’t work for you, you need to see a doctor, but it’s always worked for my family!! (lol! Never question a remedy from my Babci!!! lol)

  30. Rev. Chuck Nordstrom

    Really people this is not brain surgery you just mix the garlic with olive oil. Why in the world would any of you get upset because you think the amounts are not on there. It does say 3 garlic and later it talks about oil but do you really think it is worth calling people stupid over. Jesus gave us to commandments Love God and Love your neighbor. Even if you are not a Christian showing love and compassion to people should be commonsense unless you are (stupid). Try it and see if it works and try the Bible for hear from Him and this world would be a much better place.

    1. Meagan

      Rev chuck, did u actually just call people stupid for calling other people stupid?!?! Please don’t be a hypocrite. Ur comment was no better than the other rude comments just because u mentioned the Bible I. It. Maybe u should re-think your view?

  31. Sue Christopher

    The article does NOT indicate how much oil to diffuse with the garlic clove juice. It only says 3-4 drops of the oil into each ear. The answer was finally given by the Admin to Carol Crawford at 2 tbsp which once again, is NOT in the article.

  32. Roger

    I’m assuming it’s about 2:1, olive oil to garlic press.
    I would imagine it to be a, viscosity issue.
    “Eyeballing” the mixture enough, not to dilute the garlic, but coat the canal and ‘drum.’
    Stuff like this isn’t an exact science.
    Homemade remedies are exactly that, ‘home-made.’
    …made for the home.
    If it works; great!
    If it doesn’t; maybe adjust your mixture…less oil, more than likely.
    You couldn’t go wrong by trying.

    I’m not a doctor, but I’m assuming (again), major hearing issues should be consulted with a professional.

    Common sense people.

  33. Tracey

    I too took a course they cooked the chopped garlic in the olive oil then strained cooled it and put in bottle ready to use

  34. Libby

    I have used this before it does work and needs to be used for about 3 days what it doue is the oil disolves any grime and wax the garlic being a form of antibiotic /antiseptic heals any infection needs to be slightly luke warm not cold when put in ear great for ear aches it releaves the pain

  35. Mark

    People it’s easy to figure out how much you need. Just get a dropper and crush the garlic the best you can and put it in dropper. Then finish filling the dropper with olive oil. Now isn’t it pretty easy to figure out.

  36. Tanya Bryant

    I been having trouble hearing because. I had my ears check and they said I can hear well but yet I still can’t hears .
    Please help Me my husband talks to me and I can’t hear what he said at all

  37. Chiny

    I currently have an ear pain which has been going on for a week now and I’ve tried hydrogen peroxide mixed with equal amount of water yet no relief. I will try this..if it works I’ll commend it

  38. JEH

    My grandmother used a couple of drops of lightly warmed olive oil to get rid of the wax. You sit with it a few minutes then flush. Not sure what the garlic would do. Apparently no research.

  39. Heather

    the whole article u posted is a bit random with info due to listing ppl in their twighlight years have bn cured?! Most ppl that age would have hearing loss due to industrials deafness! There was no hearing protection back then. Your other mistake is not giving anyone any specific ear problem that is cured by this remedy. You must admit that hearing is precious and one cannot b expected to go putting random stuff in ears with no specific or clearly defined instructions! Just sayin!!

  40. Bobbie Jo Ganem

    Can I use a garlic squeeze with already added evoo? It’s in added plastic squeeze container?

  41. Laura Allred

    This olive oil solution works the same as Debrox. It softens ear wax build up. Once the ears are flushed using a bulb, you can see the amount of wax coming out. Please check with your doctor before using anything into your ears. You don’t want to do more damage to your ears.

  42. Tanja

    Don’t be ridiculous. If you have hearing problems, see a doctor. There could be so many different things causing loss of hearing. For some, putting fluids into your ear is one of the worse things you can do.

  43. Shannon

    It does not say to crush it it says to squeeze the juice out of the 3 garlic then you should put it in 2 tablespoons of olive oil

  44. Lyn

    I noticed one comment about a child with ear tubes. I am an adult with ear tubes. I just want to say that if you have ear tubes DO NOT PUT THIS IN YOUR EARS. Tubes are there to drain fluid and they go directly into the membrane that covers the ear drum. Not only would in be painful to do but it could cause serious damage. There should be a clear note of this in your article.

  45. Celia

    Dearest Eva
    If people are asking it’s because it’s NOT there DEAR !!!
    PLEASE know your reading skills before you comment on PEOPLE
    She listed the ingredients said how many drops in each ears but not how much to start with ….
    and Dearest she realized it and FINALLY after responding and responding its there … SHE READ HERSELF and here It is 2 TABLESPOONS… yeahhhhh
    Who is STUPID NOW ???

    1. les

      I do believe the author is a robot, the short answers are like the ones you get talking to an automated phone call

  46. Sandra

    You can buy this already made. It does help children with ear infection. Don’t know about the hearing. You can get it from health stores. I got mine at Sprouts. I used it, advised by doctor, for my 1 y/o grandson. He calmed down and fell asleep. He was exhausted. It worked for him.

  47. Mike

    Black olives or green olives?. Does this include the pimentos? Should I pull out the pimentos and juice them separately?

  48. Eva Balitskaya

    Hi dear people- long discussion with the amounts.
    Garlic is known as natural antibiotic, olive -also has anti -inflammatory abilities. So added together they could do miracles.
    But there is one misssing ingredient here- little bit of faith with anything you do. It is advisable to trust healing method, when you choose a treatment, otherwise it helps less or no use. Different things work differently to different people. There are many naturals that might work for you , so it worth to try, when you desperate. Just be polite and grateful, to those who reminds us about nature’s treasures.
    We so got used to chemical tablets and dozes, awaiting for emediate result.
    Naturals work differently- they gradually heal and improve health, but you need trust and patience.
    But anything you try you need a doctors advice if you have been diagnosed with serious illness.
    Thanks for the remedy!

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Eva Balitskaya,

      Thanks for long reply and help.

      I totally agree with you that you need to have faith with anything you do in life. Faith, believe and trust in god is the most powerful healing you can ever have.

      Have a nice day.

  49. mary

    After all the discussion about amounts since April’ !7 I would love to know if people have actually tried it and if so, What was the result ?,

  50. Lauren Oberhansley

    Try using 3 to 4 drops of medical grade hydrogen peroxide in the ear and lay down on your side for 5 minutes while it bubbles and foams. Then simply wash thoroughly with warm water. The hydrogen peroxide loosens and dissolves ear wax and dirt particles from the ear canal and the warm water gently flushes it away. This is what they use at both my family practitioner and pediatrician have done throughout my life and my children’s as well. It cleans the canal and therefore improves hearing as well as any pain caused from wax build up only. It will not cure any other kind of hearing loss or disease.

  51. Thanks

    Oh my gosh! I haven’t laugh so hard in a long time! 2 to 3 T. Or was that 3-4 T. Don’t use on dogs and kids! No one knows if it really works! The End!

  52. Pooja

    Hi, my nephew us old years old and he is having hearing problem, he uses earing aid. Can we still use this will it help? Please reply

  53. kay

    I’m sure by now you probably wish you had never posted this for people! Unbelievable all those comments over an over.

  54. Free Sailor

    Admin I dont understand why u havent answered the question of how much oil to prepare it. There are also people who cant understand what they read. I mean they think that they should use 3-4 drops to prepare it: In fact 3-4 drops are the amount for while using it.

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Free Sailor,

      I have answered the question before. You just have to read the comments again.

      Since i’ve received so many comments on this question, i’ll reply again right here for all of you.

      This was what i’ve replied to Carol Crawford.

      Hi Carol Crawford,

      Sorry to reply this late.

      Just 2 tablespoons olive oil will do. Hope this helps.

      Thank you for your question.

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