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Jamie Dornan appears in a picture with the HOC producer


Jamie Dornan the handsome Irish actor has had a splendid few months. He got lucky enough to play the role of Christian grey in the movie fifty shades of grey.

The movie is based on the novel by Eliot James. The actor had a great chance to be casted in the fifty shades but the rumor has it that he might also be appearing in the Netflix series House of Cards.

This is still in debate whether the star would appear in House of cards or not. However the actor seems to be a great fan of the political drama starring Kevin spacey and Robin Wright. The actor was shooting in Vancouver when he took time out to pose a photo with Dana Brunetti who is the producer of the show.

Jamie and Brunette pose for a pic in which Jamie is wearing Freddy’s BBQ joint t-shirt. The restaurant is favorite dining place of Frank Underwood in the show house of cards. The fans will surely know that Frank Underwood’s character is played by spacey.

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