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Expect a “Tasteful” Fifty Shades of Grey When it is Released


As the latest news on the upcoming release of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie goes, Dana Brunetti, the producer of the movie, has a very talkative girlfriend.

That girlfriend is Kristin Chenoweth, the noted Broadway star. She recently revealed some interesting spoilers on the movie, as well as on the cast, sharing gossip about Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. Fans of the books, anxiously awaiting the film’s release on Valentine’s Day in 2015, ate up the news gratefully, glad to hear anything about the upcoming movie’s secrets.

The Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth, now about 45 years old, gave an interview to E!’s reporter Kristin dos Santos, concerning some details of the upcoming movie, for which her boyfriend is the producer. She told the reporter explicitly that she has spent a considerable amount of time with her boyfriend up in Vancouver. This is currently the location where the movie is being shot, so she got plenty of inside info not available to those regular people among us who don’t get to date the producer of the movie.

She also said that she has become friends with the writer of the series, new novelist E.L. James, E! News reported.

“I think it’s going to be done very, very tasteful,” she told dos Santos, regarding the admittedly graphic erotic novel. This amid concerns that a movie made from the book that was faithful to the original telling would amount to “pornography,” a fact that Chenoweth addressed, even telling a story about how her mother point-blank asked her boyfriend, Dana Brunetti, whether he was making porn up there in Vancouver.

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