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The first thing you should remember is that no drink will certainly assist you eliminate the belly fat without working out. Specific super-tasty drinks will certainly help you get that good looking body, without entering a few calories. These beverages will also promote your digestion. Select your favorite and make it in your home. Make sure, you need to consistently use all-natural items that are not loaded with excess sugar and additives.

  1. Flavored water

Drinking plenty of water is important if you would like to maintain your health and wellness at an optimum level. It does not matter if you follow a special diet plan routine or not, consuming sufficient water is always vital. It helps in the digestion and also absorption of the meals. Water additionally alleviates the removal of waste material from your bowel and renals, as well as it will certainly keep you sated for a longer period.

If normal water is boring for you, you could include some lemon juice in it. This beverage has the exact same structure as stomach acid. You could likewise add grated ginger to improve your metabolic process. Fresh cucumber pieces will offer you a fresh and also tasty beverage.

  1. Mint tea

Mint stimulates the absorption of oil and it soothes the intestinal system. Mint has strong diuretic result, boosts metabolic rate as well as reduces your hunger.

Moreover, mint keeps your dental health and wellness at an optimal level, thanks to its fragrant oils that refresh your breath. This is why producers constantly add mint to their natural toothpastes.

  1. Pineapple smoothie mix

Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapple, will certainly aid you absorb protein quickly. It will additionally enhance your food digestions and lower bloating. Add flax seed oil in your smoothie mix to boost its efficacy.

  1. Green tea

The majority of polyphenols in green tea are catechins. If you didn’t know, these help in the body fat melting procedure. Constantly consume some green tea before your exercise, especially prior to your aerobic workouts.

This will boost the weight loss. Replace at least a cup of coffee with a cup of green tea to minimize cholesterol and also the danger of developing cancer. In addition to this, green tea is excellent for diabetics, lowers stress and also safeguards the teeth from viral infection.


First Fifty Shades Darker Clip Puts a Nasty Spin on Date Night

First Fifty Shades Darker Clip Puts a Nasty Spin on Date Night

If you’re looking for an erotic, steamy movie to ignite some romance this Valentine’s Day, Fifty Shades Darker might just do the trick. The second installment in the Fifty Shades trilogy arrives on February 10. And if we had to guess by this first clip released, there won’t be a dry seat in the house come two weekends from now. Universal Pictures released this latest clip from Fifty Shades Darker. And if it doesn’t get your heart racing, you might want to check and see if you have a pulse at all. It’s pure sexual tension and almost too steamy for general audiences. Not much is shown, but quite a lot is implied. Aptly enough, this first clip is titled ‘Date Night’.

Christian Grey and Ana Steele have gone out for a fancy dinner in light of recent events that have kept them apart for a short spell. Christian, ever the sly goose, convinces Anastasia to remove her panties before they’ve even had a chance to order. She does just that in the crowded restaurant, careful for no one to see. As that lacy underwear hits the ground, Mr. Grey calls, ‘Check, please!’

But the sexy fun doesn’t end there. The duo next enter a crowded elevator. Christian and Ana are all the way in the back. Grey pretends to tie his shoe, slowly raising up with his hand on Steele’s thigh. He brings his hand up under her skirt, and the face that Ana gives is, well, you’ll get the drift of where all this is going quite soon enough. Let’s just say you don’t want to watch this movie without a date at your side, or a box of Kleenex. Which ever is easiest for you to come by.

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Donald Trump’s heartland voters shrug off global uproar over immigration ban

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Trump supporters celebrate as they attend the Inauguration Freedom Ball being held for US President Donald J Trump and first lady Melania Trump in Washington, US, January 20, 2017. (REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson)

The relaxed reaction among the kind of voters who drove Trump’s historic upset victory provided a striking contrast to the uproar that has gripped major coastal cities. Many of President Donald Trump’s core political supporters had a simple message on Sunday for the fiercest opponents of his immigration ban: Calm down. The relaxed reaction among the kind of voters who drove Trump’s historic upset victory – working- and middle-class residents of Midwest and the South – provided a striking contrast to the uproar that has gripped major coastal cities, where thousands of protesters flocked to airports where immigrants had been detained. In the St Louis suburb of Manchester, Missouri, 72-year-old Jo Ann Tieken characterized the president as bringing reason into an overheated debate. “Somebody has to stand up, be the grown up and see what we can do better to check on people coming in,” she said. “I’m all for everybody to stop and take a breath. Just give it a chance.”

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As the saying goes, we really are what we eat. The digestive system is a complex mechanism with thousands of processes occurring at the same time.

The process of digestion is very complicated, which is why we must ensure it runs as smoothly as possible. If the digestion is negatively affected, toxins can accumulate in the body and cause serious health problems. In order to prevent this, experts recommend putting yourself on a healthy diet and performing a full body detox every 6 months. This can be done with the amazing mixture we have for you today. Here’s how to prepare it:


150 gr. of plums

150 gr. of dates

5 cups of boiling water


Put the water to boil in a pot, then add the dates and plums and simmer the mixture on low heat for about 15 minutes. Remove it from the heat afterwards and let it cool down. Once it’s cooled, take a tablespoon of the mixture in the morning before breakfast.

You will feel the difference immediately, and regular use of the mixture will clean your digestive system effectively in just a short time. The mixture will resolve any digestive problem and improve your digestion due to the high fiber content. Try it and you’ll feel much better soon!



Consume This Elixir Made Of 3 Ingredients, And Your Abdomen Will Be Firm Again! Try This Very Fast Method!


Many women around the world are dealing with excess belly fat which is a very unpleasant aesthetic and health problem. If you’ve tried to reduce it, you know that this is a difficult process which takes a lot of time and dedication, but luckily for you, we have a simple mixture that will clean toxins from your body and reduce your excess belly fat.

However, the drink won’t work on its own – you need to consume it along a healthy diet and exercise to see the results. Stick to it and you may lose up to 1 cm. every day! Here’s the plan:

You will need the following ingredients

1 teaspoon of honey

2 teaspoons of ACV

50 ml. of soda water

150 ml. of grapefruit juice


Add the honey in the grapefruit juice and stir well to dissolve it, then add the soda water and ACV and drink the beverage twice a day 15 minutes before your lunch and dinner. Grapefruit juice is a powerful weight loss remedy which contains flavonoids that will get rid of excess liquids in your body and defeat cellulite.

Note: the drink is not recommended for people suffering from gastrointestinal disorders. We suggest consulting a doctor before starting with the process.


Are There Any Yoga Asanas For Sagging Breasts?

Breast Sagging is a very common problem and can be caused due to a variety of reasons such as age, pregnancy and post pregnancy weight loss, breast feeding and smoking; heredity is also an influencing factor as it determines an individual’s skin elasticity [1]. Practices such as yoga have been found to be beneficial to help tone and tighten the breasts.

Sagging Breasts: How Can Yoga Help?

The benefits of yoga for the entire body have been widely studied including its ability to tone the body and increase flexibility. The breast is mainly fat and connective tissue and does not have any muscle which makes it difficult to shape and tone breasts. Having said that, exercises (including Yoga asanas) that open up your chest and shoulders, improve upper body posture, strengthen the back and sides can help reduce breast sagging.

Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)

This pose stretches the entire body (especially the upper body), tones muscles and improves posture.



  1. Stand in Tadasana or mountain pose with your toes and ankles touching, your pelvis perpendicular to the floor and your shoulders relaxed and open.
  2. Lift right leg and place your right foot on the inside of the left thigh, toes pointing downwards. Hence, you should be standing on your left leg and your weight should be on your left leg.
  3. Raise your hands from the sides and join the palms above your head.
  4. Stretch up the hands as far as possible. Hold as long as you can while breathing deeply.
  5. Slowly, bring the hands down and then bring down the right leg on the floor next to your left leg.
  6. Lift up the left leg and place the left foot on the inside of the right thigh.
  7. Lift both hands and join the palms above your head.
  8. Hold the pose as long as you can.
  9. Bring the arms down and put the leg down and relax.

Sarpasana (Cobra Pose)

This pose stretches the spine, strengthens the back and tones the abdomen and chest muscles.



  1. Lie down on your stomach with your hands near the chest.
  2. Lift the body from abdomen, while straightening the hands.
  3. Tilt your head backwards as you feel the stretch on the abs, spine and chest.
  4. Hold the position while breathing normally (5 – 10 breaths).
  5. Repeat 3-4 times.

Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

Dhanurasana stretches your spine, strengthens your back and opens up your chest and shoulders.



  1. Lie down on your stomach.
  2. Bend your knees and grab the ankles.
  3. On an inhale, pull your legs back – the upper body, including your chest will automatically be lifted up.
  4. Drop your chin if it feels good.
  5. Hold the position while breathing normally (about 5-10 breaths).

Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

Trikonasana stretches your legs, hands and spine, opens up your chest and shoulders and tones your side muscles.



  • Stand with your feet wide apart. Make sure that your hips are facing front.
  • Turn your right leg, including your thigh, knee and foot, 90 degrees and the left leg 15 degrees to the right.
  • Stretch your upper body to the right.
  • Place right hand on the right shin, as far down as you can reach.
  • Lengthen your ribs and lift from the edge of your left hip.
  • Move your left arm towards the ceiling, with your palm facing forward.
  • Open the chest and turn your navel slightly upwards. You should feel a twist from your left hip up through the spine.
  • Increasing the twist on each exhalation.
  • Inhale and allow your body to come to standing. Repeat the pose on the other side.

Ushtrashasana (Camel Pose)

This pose stretches your spine, strengthens your back and opens up your chest.



  1. Kneel on the ground and place your hands on the hips.
  2. Straighten your spine and bend backwards slowly and try to touch your heels.
  3. Elongate your neck and curl your head backwards.
  4. Slide your hands to the soles of your feet
  5. Hold the position while breathing normally (around 20 seconds if you are a beginner or more if you have the required stamina).


  1. Rinker, B; Veneracion, M; Walsh, C (2008). “The Effect of Breastfeeding on Breast Aesthetics”. Aesthetic Surgery Journal 28 (5): 534–7

10 Foods To Supercharge Your Sex Drive

1. Dark Chocolate


For a really long time, food has been used to increase sexual desire, but did you know there are foods that actually do improve your performance? No, you don’t have to eat any exotic foods from faraway lands. These foods will all but ensure you a successful session between the sheets. Just make sure to avoid these 27 Foods That Kill Your Sex Drive in the first place!

Oh yes! Chocolate increases serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain. This makes us happy and lowers our stress level. Also, cocoa increases blood flow through the arteries and relaxes blood vessels, sending blood to all the right regions.

2. Oysters


Zinc is a mineral that elevates testosterone while simultaneously boosting growth factor hormone. And oysters are brimming with zinc.

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Move Aside Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele: Introducing the New Characters From Fifty Shades Darker

If you think Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are the only co-stars bringing the heat to Fifty Shades Darker, think again. We’re now closer than ever to the highly-anticipated release of the hit franchise’s second installment, and while some moviegoers might expect the film to echo much of the first’s story angle (sex, sex and more sex), there’s actually quite a few characters pivotal to Christian and Anastasia’s dramatic love story that we’ve yet to meet.

Lucky for FSD fans, we’re breaking down every newcomer set to make an appearance in the forthcoming movie, and from the looks of it, your plans for Valentine’s Day plans have officially been signed, sealed and delivered.

Thank us later.

ESC: Party Dresses, Rita Ora

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Rita Ora: Sure, the British bombshell did co-star in Fifty Shades of Grey, but her blink-and-you-missed-it appearance was so painfully brief (we’re talking four lines of dialogue brief), it’s fair to consider Rita a brand new asset to the crew. She plays Christian’s sister, Mia Grey, in the blockbuster hit, and her character has a major plot line in the second and third Fifty Shades books.

Tyler Hoechlin

Getty Images

Tyler Hoechlin: The Teen Wolf hunk takes on the role of Boyce Fox, an author and Anastasia’s former classmate who she signs as an editor at Christian’s publishing company.

Bella Heathcote

Don Arnold/WireImage

Bella Heathcote: The stunning Aussie actress is nearly unrecognizable starring as Leila Williams, one of Christian’s ex-submissives who returns to make her former lover’s new relationship with Anastasia even more turbulent… and dangerous.

Eric Johnson

GP Images/WireImage

Eric Johnson: Christian Grey finds a rival in this Smallville alum’s character, Jack Hyde. Anastasia begins working as his personal assistant at the publishing company, but when Johnson’s character begins pursuing her romantically, a dark shared past between Christian and Jack is revealed.

Kim Basinger

Mike Coppola/WireImage

Kim Basinger: Without revealing too much, Anastasia gives the actress’s Elena Lincoln character the nickname, “Mrs. Robinson.” Elena and Christian go way back, and though they are business partners now, their relationship wasn’t always office appropriate.

Hugh Dancy, Critics Choice Awards

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Hugh Dancy: The Hannibal star makes his Fifty Shades Darker debut as psychiatrist Dr. John Flynn, who Christian he begins seeing when people from his past begin interfering with the present.

Robinne Lee

Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Robinne Lee: The Seven Pounds actress returns to the big screen as the vice president and second-in-command to Christian Grey at Grey Enterprises.

Fay Masterson

Michael Kovac/WireImage

Fay Masterson: Joining the cast of Fifty Shades Darker for the very first time is this British actress, who co-stars as Christian’s longtime housekeeper and cook, Gail Jones.
Fifty Shades Darker hits theaters Feb. 10.Source

Doctors condemn Gwyneth Paltrow after the Oscar winner advises women to sleep with ‘jade eggs’ in their vagina

Gwyneth Paltrow
Oh dear… (Photo: Getty)

Chris Martin’s ex advised women on the supposed health benefits on her lifestyle website GOOP. Gwyneth Paltrow just can’t seem to stop herself when it comes to giving bizarre lifestyle advice, and now she’s at it again. The GOOP founder, who’s now known just as much for her healthy lifestyle brand as she is her acting, is renowned for giving outlandish health advice.

But her latest suggestion has angered doctors, who have claimed she could be causing women health problems. In a recent post on her website, titled Better Sex: Jade eggs for your yoni, the star advised her readers to put jade eggs in their vagina. She claimed that such a practice would lead to better sex and overall well-being for women.

Gwyneth Paltrow attends the ELLE magazine party in Madrid

Gwyneth urged fans to try the practice (Photo: WENN)

“Fans say regular use increases chi, orgasms, vaginal muscle tone, hormonal balance, and feminine energy in general,” said the post.

In a scathing open letter to Gwyneth, Dr. Jen Gunter has claimed the Oscar winner’s claims are “garbage” and could even be a danger to women.

Gwyneth Paltrow
Doctors have warned against it

“I read the post on GOOP and all I can tell you is it is the biggest load of garbage I have read on your site since vaginal steaming,” she wrote.

“Pelvic floor exercises can help with incontinence and even give stronger orgasms for some women, but they cannot change hormones,” she continues. “As for female energy? I’m a gynecologist and I don’t know what that is!?”

She continued, adding that there could be serious health issues associated with the bizarre practice.

Gwyneth is known for her odd lifestyle advice (Photo: Reuters)

“As for the recommendation that women sleep with a jade egg in their vaginas I would like to point out that jade is porous which could allow bacteria to get inside and so the egg could act like a fomite.

This could be a risk factor for bacterial vaginosis or even the potentially deadly toxic shock syndrome.”

Mirror Celeb has reached out to Gwyneth’s rep for comment.



Read this article carefully and find out how to prepare one amazing mixture made of only natural ingredients that can help you to lose belly fat fast and effective. Beside melting fat and eliminating excess water, this powerful mixture is beneficial for your improving memory, vision and hearing. You will just need to take 2 tablespoons of this mixture daily, for a period of at least two weeks and you will achieve the following results:

  • Strengthen immune system
  • Fight insomnia
  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve digestion
  • Relieve gastric hyperacidity
  • Relieve fluid retention
  • Boost metabolism
  • Increase libido
  • Facilitate sweating
  • Protect the throat and vocal cords
  • Prevent cellular aging of the skin


You will need:

  • 4 lemons
  • 2 cm fresh ginger
  • 2 tablespoons cinnamon
  • 3 tablespoons honey
  • ¼ cup of cold water


Squeeze the lemons and add the lemon juice in blender together with other ingredients. Mix everything for at least 3 minutes.


Keep the mixture into glass jar and consume at least 1 teaspoon, twice a day, before meals. Repeat the procedure for at least 2 weeks and then take a 2 weeks break, then repeat. Keep the mixture in cold places or in refrigerator.

The ingredients in this mixture are very beneficial and have beneficial effects on your body and brain. This mixture can improve digestion, lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, slow down aging processes etc. This mixture has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects and will eliminate all harmful toxins from your body.

Share this article with your family and friends and help them too.