50 Shades of Grey: Are you Ready for the Erotica?

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“Mr. Grey will see you now,” the poster reads, as tall, dark and handsome Christian Grey stands back to the camera staring out his window. The official ’50 Shades of Grey’ movie trailer poster has recently been released, and this is how it reads.

The poster is simple, in black and white, yet it speaks in such high volume you may think that Mr. Grey himself is about to turn his back and speak to you.

It is now official: the movie adaption of E.L. James best-selling trilogy is well underway, and in less than one year women (and men, too) from around the world will finally put their eyes on the characters made so popular by the near-pornographic 50 Shades of Grey book.

The stars of the movie have been in Vancouver for several months already filming scenes and creating this movie sure to create just as much excitement as the three books did.

Jamie And Dakota 50 Shades Movie

Hunnan wasn’t meant to be

Anastasia Steele, the beautiful young lady that Christian Grey, billionaire and sexier-than-thou cannot keep his hands off of, will be played by Dakota Johnson while his role will be played by former Calvin Klein underwear model Jamie Dornan. The couple seem to have hit it off well upon their introduction, despite the fact that Johnson began filming the movie with another actor.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in 50 Shades of Grey Movie

First chosen actor for the role of Christian Grey was Charlie Hunnan. Without warning Hunnan decided that he would be unable to continue with the filming of the movie shortly after production began in October 2012. His role on the television series ‘Sons of Anarchy’ was his main focus, and there was just not enough time for him to do both.

James was disappointed that he left the filming; she felt he was perfect for the role. But she could certainly coincide with the hectic schedule and his desires to stay committed to doing what he loved.

Fans were disappointed to say the least. Johnson and Hunnan proved they had chemistry with one another, and fans worried that he would be irreplaceable. They were worried that the book they fell in love with would crumble without their first met Christian Grey.

Charlie Hunnan

He was the first glimpse at the man behind the words, after all. Fans were nervous and as anticipated as the movie, they had all due rights to be. When the announcement Dornan had been selected the fans were skeptical of him. Did he have the same chemistry with Johnson? Would he be able to fill the bill of Christian Grey and what the world had saw him as in their mind?

Let’s not also forget that Dakota Johnson wasn’t the first choice for the fans, either. They wanted someone else and it seemed as if they were not going to settle for less, even starting a petition at one time.

Dornan Leads the Role Well

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan Steamy Photos

A short time later those concerns  were quickly put to rest as photos of the two actors were plastered in entertainment magazines and at various online sources. The photos were steamy and answered the questions that fans really wanted to know. Dornan certainly makes the role of Christian Grey look good, and the chemistry the fans were so concerned over was definitely visible for all to see.

Dakota Johnson, well, there were still some people talking and some who were still disappointed that she had been given the role. Btu they were adapting and learning to relax a little bit, focus their attention on what they really wanted –the perfect movie to accompany the perfect trilogy.

Now the fans, the media and everyone else with concern were free to focus attention back on the story where it should have been all along.And that’s what they did.

Let the Casting Begin

As with any new movie being planned, 50 Shades of Grey considered several actors and actresses  to play the main roles in the movie before Johnson and Dornan were selected. As we’ve already mentioned, Charlie Hunnan was staring at Grey when production first began, but there were other actors still.

Scott Eastwood

At the time of Hunnan’s departure from the film there were a total of five actors being considered, including Jamie Dornan. Another actor in the running was Scott Eastwood. The son of everyone’s favorite western movies Clint Eastwood, Scott was very exciting to be considered for the role, but pleased with the final selection.

Also in the running for the role of Christian Grey at this time  were actors Matt Bomer, Robert Pattinson and  Ian Somerhalder. Ryan Goesling was one of the first actors considered for the role of Grey when it was announced a movie was being planned. The producers wanted him in the movie, but the actor kindly declined, although stating he was flattered to be considered for the role.

Other contenders for the role of Anastasia Steele before Johnson was cast in September 2013 included Emma Watson, Shailene Woodley and Alexis Bledel. It was later said that it was only a rumor that Watson was being considered for the role.

Emma Watson

She herself thought it entertaining to think of herself starring in a movie of such steamy nature. Woodley was being considered, as was Bledel, however both of the young ladies passed on the offer. Johnson was then selected for the role in August 2013 and the movie filming began one month later.

Of course there are more than two starring in the film. Here are the other great actors and roles you will see completing the ‘50 Shades of Grey’ movie:

  • Luke Grimes plays Elliot Grey
  • Max Martini plays Jason Taylor
  • Eloise Mumford plays Kate Kavanagh
  • Dylan Neal plays Robbin Adams
  • Rita ora plays Mia Grey
  • Victor Rasuck plays Jose Rodriguez
  • Marcia Gay Harden plays Dr. Grace Grey
  • Callum Keith Rennie plays ray Steel
  • Jennifer Ehle plays Carla May Wilkes

E.L. James along with producer Sam Taylor Johnson chose the actors and actresses to fill the roles, and from what we’re hearing the selections ensued a great production soon to entertain our screens.

Taylor Johnson and E L James

Trouble in Paradise

The roles were assigned and Charlie Hunnan and Dakota Johnson were cast to star in these leading roles. perhaps not first choices for movie directors, many fans were certainly not afraid to say they didn’t like it. In fact, after the announcement was made, a petition was started to boot the two off and give the roles to Alexis Bladel and Matt Bomer.

Fans stated that Hunnan would not have the same chemistry, others stated that as an underwear model Dornan did not have enough experience and others went as far as to say that Johnson was too old, not sexy enough or flat out the wrong fit for the role.

This petition did not last long, needless to say, and production of the movie continued until Hunnan left and the selection process began once again.

With his departure also came a delay in the movie. It was originally planned to be released in September 2014, but this departure caused a delay by a few months for the now planned February 2015 release.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in Fifty Shades Movie Release in February 2015

In the months since the crew began working on the movie in Vancouver there’s been a ton of drama surrounding it all.  At one time it was said that E.L. James and Sam-Taylor Johnson were spatting over the way the script was going. James wanted the book followed precisely while Taylor-Johnson understands the diversity needed for a book-to-movie production to be successful.

Drama of the movie rating is also stirring in Tinsel town. The recently-released movie poster shows the movie ‘Not yet rated.’ To accommodate what we read in the book there is no question the movie needs an ‘R’ rating. But, with that “R” rating there is also a loss of the number of movie-goers, therefore a loss in profit. There’s talk the movie will be rated “PG-13,” but this, too brings conflict, since the story line would surely need to be greatly toned down to produce this rating.

A Love Affair + a Twist

Anastasia and Christian were not your ordinary couple. She was 20- something, still innocent (and yes, a virgin) college student, he was an older, successful (success with a b – billionaire) and very experienced gentleman. It is only through an agreement that the couple find themselves together. Grey wanted Anastasia to be his guest for bondage sessions. Attracted to the gorgeous Grey, Anastasia agreed and the steamy, very sexual and very pleasing relationship began.


In the book all of these vivid details were brought to life. With each new trilogy came more and more of the most passionate, sultry words that had ever been written. The short wait between the release of each new book was to true for those ready and yearning to get more. The twist at the end of the trilogy was certainly unexpected, but left room for more to come in the future. The world can only hope that James can do it again.

50 Shades of Grey enabled women of all ages and all backgrounds to discover the lady within them, finding new desires and new pleasures every step of the way. Even some of the men enjoyed how Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele made such passionate love and the juicy details revealed on every page of the book.

James said that her inspiration for the books come from the Twilight movies. She added her own twists and turns to the story line and much of the book portrays Grey’s desire for sadism, machismo and other kinky sex acts.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Trilogy

Those who read this book learned that it was okay to be themselves, that we all had those passions burning deep down inside of us just waiting to be unleashed. The book trilogy certainly served the purpose of enticing the crowd perfectly. It was borderline pornography but still not graphic enough to close that gap. Reading the book showed that it is human nature to have desires and feelings and that experimenting is something you can do without shame.

The movie release date isn’t set until February 2015 but there is a movie trailer that will appease your needs until that time elapses. Be careful; there are a ton of phony trailers and of course someparody’s out there, too. Who knows; they may be just as fun to watch as the movie, but don’t confuse them with what’s really in store when the movie is finally released.

The trilogy is sold at bookstores throughout the world, and it is so popular it is also available in an eBook format so you can take it with you for spicy, steamy, provocative reading that will make your mama blush.The book sold 16 million copies in the United States alone thus far, and also earned the book honors of being the fastest-selling paperback ever.

Read Fifty Shades

Fifty Shades Of Grey Book Is Hot

Focus Films will handle international distribution of the movie upon its release while universal will handle all  affairs within the United States. These two companies paid a  total $5 million for the rights to the movie. That amount is $2 million more than what was paid for the movie rights to ‘Da Vinci Code.’  The book sold more than 205,000 copies in the very first week of its release and remained on the new York Times best-seller list for a total of 16 straight weeks.

Sexy and Sultry

As if you’re not already hot and bothered enough, here are some of the sexy and sultry stuff that made the book so damn hot.

  • The word sex is found inside of the book a total of 275 times, in different variations
  • Anastasia bites her lip a total of 30 times in the book
  • Anastasia reveals that Christian helped her release her inner goddess.  She had never before had sex, and up until meeting Grey never put a lot of thought into it. He showed Anastasia pleasure like none other.
  • His eyes are sinful but such a pleasure, Anastasia reveals as each passionate love-making session helps her release more of her uninhibited pleasures without reservation.
  • He is the best of both worlds, and Anastasia tells him she doesn’t know whether he is someone to worship at his feet or a man she should just ‘spank.’
  • Grey isn’t shy about telling Anastasia what he wants, either. In the book you will read as he tells the beautiful lady he wants to be the first –and the only- thing that she thinks about the next day, and he’ll fuck her so hard she will be sore and unable to think of much else.
  • With all of her provocative lip biting, Christian certainly takes notice, and tells Anastasia on many occasions that he wants to bite her lip very badly.

Get to know Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson, born October 4, 1989 to two names that you’re probably quite familiar with –Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith.  As a child Dakota loved to dance and at the age of 12 she developed an interest in modeling after Teen Vogue magazine did a photo shoot of children of celebrities.

She modeled for quite some time, even signing on with IMG Models in 2006 after graduating from high school.Also this year she was voted as 2006 Miss Golden Globe , the second in her generation. She landed a modeling gig with MANGO jeans in 2009, and modeled for many well-known designers during her time.

The first time the world saw Johnson do her thing on the big screen was in the movie ‘Crazy in Alabama.’ Johnson played in this movie with her mother and her half-sister Stella Banderas, and her stepfather, Antonio Banderas, was the movie director. It would be several years before Johnson would be saw acting again.

Dakota Johnson In The Social Network

This time the movie would bring much more success than her first. The Social Network starred Justin Timberlake alongside Johnson. Nominated for eight Academy Awards, the movie helped Johnson shine as an actress and she was able to quickly can requisition and calls for more roles.

She starred in Beastly, Goats &For Ellen, but it wasn’t until the 2012 ’21 Jump Street’ that Johnson would star in a hit movie. ‘The Five Year Engagement’ and ‘Theo’ and ‘Date and Switch’ were also roles in which Johnson starred and she was also in the 2014 Need for Speed.

Johnson couldn’t be happier about her role in the upcoming movie, and there isn’t a question the role is big for the young  actress. She said that she fell in love with the story from the beginning, that things just felt right and that she knew the role. At the news she had been selected, Johnson told reporters she was speechless.

With such eagerness and confidence, why would anyone deny Johnson is going to really set the world on fire playing as Anastasia?

Get to know Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan is Irish born, with that special day Coming May 1982. He is the youngest of three and has two older sisters. His father was an obstetrician but once considered acting as his career. Dornan’s mother passed away when he was 16 years old. It was through participating in drama at Methodist College performances that his acting career began.

He dropped out of college and began attending acting school. During this time  he also formed a band known as Sons of Jim, but the band was no longer performing or together by 2008.  In 2006 while performing in the band Dornan was given a role in the movie Marie Antoinette, starring as Sofia Coppola. Once the band dismembered Dornan began modeling for Calvin Klein and starring in more acting roles.

In 2008 Dornan played ‘Ed’ in the film  ‘Beyond the Rave’ and his next role was the following year in a short film called ‘Nice to meet you.’ Other roles Dornan has starred in include Joe in the 2009 movie ‘Shadows in the Sun,’ X in ‘X Returns,’ ‘The Black Widow,’ Sherriff Graham Humbert on the ABC mini-series ‘Once Upon a Time’ and Colin in ‘Flying Home.’

The 50 Shades movie is by far his biggest role yet, and one that the actor could not be any happier to have landed.   Although the original Christian Grey (Charlie Hunnan) did not have a lot to say about the role, he did say that he was confident that Taylor-Jones made the right choice and that Dornan would do a good job portraying the actor.

Dornan for Zegna Couture

Dornan is also starring in his first modeling gig since he began the filming of the movie. Dornan will be showcasing the spring and summer line for the Ermenegildo Zegna clothing line for men for the upcoming 2014 year.

It’s Almost Time

We’ll be getting more and more leaks from the 50 Shades of Grey movie as progression toward the movie’s finish winds down, and all of those leaks will make the world even more eager to see the movie than what they already are.

This new movie poster has certainly caused a scene and so far, so good. The people like what they see. With one look you’re ready to step into the world of fantastic imagination and fantasy and explore this handsome man and his witty character even more. Mr. Grey; the one and the only.

50 Shades New Movie Poster

Who knows what more drama we will see before the movie is released. There’s been plenty of it going on since day one of the creation of the movie. If it wasn’t who would play what role it was what the fans thought or trouble within the director’s seat.

There’s a lot that we don’t know about the movie, but there’s also a lot that we do know.

What we do know is this highly-anticipated movie is going to be watched by almost everyone in the world. The actors and actresses in the movie are phenomenal, and we’ve saw some pretty awesome clips and pictures that prove this to be true. There’s still a few months left, but get ready for it. Christian Grey is coming to steam up a room near you very soon, and it’s going to be great!