A Wet (and Gorgeous) Christian Gray

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I cannot imagine anything sexier than seeing Jamie Dornan soaking wet, with tiny water crystals pelleting off of his body.

Recently Dornan, aka Christian Gray, thrilled his co-star, the beautiful Dakota Johnson, aka Anastasia Steele, with just this during a scene for their new 50 Shades of Gray movie, attentively scheduled for release in about one year on February 15, 2015.

There isn’t a question that the entire set was a little hot and bothered to see the very sexy Dornan soaked from head to toe.

Those onlookers who happen to see the photo shoot were just as pleased, and once the photos were revealed publically, talk of the town is all about Jamie Dornan getting all wet.

All in a Day’s work

Some fans have been critical of Dornan playing the role since he was cast. In fact they went as far as to start a petition to get rid of him and fellow cast mate Dakota Johnson. They were unsuccessful in those attempts, however, and now it is safe to say that most people are glad that he is still there. As production continues the actor continues to prove he is the perfect fit to play billionaire Christian Gray. So far we’ve saw him in some pretty seductive and sultry photos, and those released for his January 29 day of filming is no exception.

Jamie Dornan Running In The Rain

Onlookers spotted Dornan jogging in the rain, to which they were pleasantly surprised. This simulated rain fell upon his gray sweat suit and his Nike shoes so brilliantly, leaving women in absolute awe and even more eager about what they will see with the upcoming movie release.

The Movie Continues

Jamie Dornan was selected to play Christian gray after the first actor was unable to fulfill his duties and resigned from the position. Dornan was met with much criticism and naysayers thought that he would be unable to handle the role. He has proved everyone wrong, and the more pictures like this that we see the more that we realize how true this really is.

The raindrops only highlighted the actor (and former Calvin Klein underwear model) and his truly incredible, masculine physique. Those photos have won over the hearts of countless women, leaving a delicious image inside of their head. And we know with just over one year left before the release of the movie this is only one of many special shots we will be seeing of Dornan.

Jamie Dornan on the set of Fifty Shades Of Grey

More of Dornan

The Irish born actor recently became a first-time father. Although his life has changed with this new role we can certainly see that it has had no effect on his ability to cease and amaze, and make mouths drool with his sex appeal. During movie shots Dornan drank a hot beverage, certain to be a coffee or a cappuccino.

It can be noticed that Dornan’s eyes alone set him up to portray gray perfectly. His hard, steel eyes look deep and powerful, yet they hold a seduction that cannot be explained. It is one look in those deep eyes and it seems that you are lost in another world, and another place in time.

The photos of Dornan jogging prove he is a man that cares about his health and taking care of himself. Playing a role such as Gray needs this extra boost to the health to keep the body in great shape. If you remember from the books Gray was a physically fit and very handsome man. That’s a big role to live up to but we can see that Dornan is doing a great job at it.

It was a very sexy and seductive photo shoot, and Dornan would not have had it any other way. His recent attention from the ladies is noticed, according to the actor, and he is going all in his power to accommodate the fans and meet the role of Christian Gray as perfectly as possible. Gray is a very confident man who knows what he wants. He seems to be in role mode on a regular basis as of late. And we love it.

Dornan Is Soaking Wet And Hot In Rain

See a new picture of Jamie Dornan running in the rain — and looking hot! — on the set of Fifty Shades of Grey in Vancouver, Canada on Jan. 29. Credit: FameFlynet

The Sexy Christian Gray…er, Jamie Dornan

This is yet another tease that will keep all of us 50 Shades fans on the tips of our toes for the next year, but they’re certainly very much welcomed. Dornan is so sexy and with rain glistening from him there is just something that grabs you and won’t let you go.

If you’ve yet to see these photographs they’re all over the web, so what are you waiting for? You are really missing out on an eye full if you’re not looking at these pics! I don’t know how we will make it another year. The anticipation is building and all of these little teases are really causing a heat wave! Jamie Dornan is a site for sore eyes that is without a doubt.