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Vitamin B12 is a complex vitamin that plays a role in numerous vital processes in the body. This is why vitamin B12 deficiency may cause many health problems such as fatigue and heart disease, which is why you should its levels steady at all times. Here are the main health benefits of vitamin B12:

  1. Protects the heart

Heart disease is one of the main causes of death around the world, but vitamin B12 is very beneficial for the heart. It can keep the levels of homocysteine under control, which is often the main reason for heart disease. The levels of homocysteine in the blood are directly affected by the vitamin, so make sure to keep them at an optimal level to avoid stroke and other heart problems.

  1. Counteracts nerve damage

Vitamin B12 will help your body to recharge the myelin sheath, which guards your nerves from damage. In this way, it can protect your nerves from damage and numerous health problems.

  1. Great for your bones

People suffering from osteoporosis have increased levels of homocysteine and low levels of vitamin B12. Osteoporosis can make your bones brittle and fragile, which is why your vitamin B12 levels should always be kept in the optimal range.

  1. Boosts your energy levels

Vitamin B12 bolsters your cells and keeps them healthy, while also providing your body with a jolt of energy. This is why people suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency are often feeling tired and robbed of energy. This vitamin is important for your digestion as it turns sugars into glucose usable by the cells. Additionally, our body needs it as it works along the neurotransmitters which signal your muscles to contract.

4 symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency

  1. Swollen tongue

People suffering from severe vitamin B12 deficiency lose the papillae on their tongue and the taste buds that sit on them. This makes them lose taste, and also swells and inflames their tongue. Women that lack this vitamin often suffer from loss of appetite and severe weight loss, as nothing tastes as good as before.

  1. Numbness

The low oxygen levels that occur during vitamin B12 deficiency causes a numbing sensation in the limbs.

  1. Weakness

Vitamin B12 is responsible for the proper movement of red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the body, so lack of it can cause weakness as your tissues aren’t getting the proper amount of oxygen. Vitamin B12 deficiency can also harm your nerves and affect your memory all because of the low oxygen levels.

  1. Fatigue

Fatigue is one of the main symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency. The lack of this vitamin in your body leads to improper oxygen flow, which causes fatigue and weariness.

In order to boost your vitamin B12 levels, you need to eat these foods:

  1. Eggs

Eggs can be eaten in many ways and are an excellent source of vitamin B12, so make sure to include them in your diet.

  1. Non-fattymeat

Meat with low fat percentage is a great source of both vitamin A and vitamin B12.

  1. Clams

Clams such as mollusks are rich in vitamin B12, iron, potassium which your body needs on a daily basis. They also have only 126 calories per serving, which makes them a great weight loss food.

  1. Turkey

Only 1 serving of turkey meat contains 48.2 mg. of vitamin B12, so eat it more often.

Besides these foods, you should also eat more yogurt, cheddar, oats, soy, coconut and almond milk.




Here is How To Instantly Stop A Migraine With Salt


If you or someone you know suffers from a migraine, you are well aware of the unbearable pain it causes, which affects the everyday life and aggravates even the simplest daily tasks. Migraines also lead to sensitivity, and sometimes, even a ray of sunlight causes horrible pain. These severely painful headaches are often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, blind spots, light flashes, and tingling sensations in the legs and arms.

Moreover, their treatment is not easy, and even though there are numerous advertised migraine cures, none seems to provide relief, and they are expensive and full of harmful chemicals.

Also, prescription migraine medication might soothe the symptoms, but not for long, as they come back as soon as the effect of the drug is over. This is great for the pharmaceutical companies, as they profit from the constant need of migraine drugs.

Therefore, we will suggest an all-natural, completely safe, and incredibly effective natural remedy for your migraines.

Its main ingredient is salt, as it is extremely beneficial in the case of various ailments, including headaches. Yet, make sure you purchase a high-quality one.

We recommend using organic Himalayan salt. It will strengthen the immune system, treat the headaches and migraines, and restore the alkaline and electrolyte balance in the body.

The other ingredient in the recipe is lemon, which alkalizes the body, cleanses it, and relieves a migraine.


  • 1/2 teaspoon Himalayan salt
  • half a lemon


You should squeeze the lemon juice into a glass of water. Then, add the salt, and drink the remedy!

After a few minutes, you will experience a great relief!




Various skin issues and conditions are common for people of all ages and very often the treatment is pretty delicate. Some of the most usual skin conditions you may be experiencing are skin tags, moles, warts, blackheads and age spots. It is important to mention that any skin change, whether it is in color, texture or odor could be a sign of possible health problem, and you need to act fast and treat it.

The pharmaceutical medications are easy available treatment, but sometimes they act too harshly and aggressively on the skin. In order to solve the issue with the skin irregularities and if you want to avoid chemical medications, there are several homemade recipes that will provide you a healthy and glowing skin for very short period of time.

In this article you can read about the most effective home remedies for the most frequent skin diseases. These recipes are both, cheap and efficient:

  1. Skin tags

Skin tags usually appear at the skin around the neck, upper chest, underarms and eyelids. The most common cause for skin tags is rubbing of the skin. The standard procedures for its treatment is tying off, cutting off and freezing. Below we are presenting you some natural and gentle ways to deal with them:

Apple cider vinegar – take a cotton ball and soak it in ACV. Squeeze the extra liquid and simply tap the affected area and leave it on for some time. After few days the skin tag should get darken and fall off.

Tea tree oil – on a water-soaked cotton ball add few drops of tea tree oil. Gently press on affected area and bandage well. You should repeat treatment 2 – 3 times on a daily basis in a period of one month.

Baking soda and castor oil – prepare paste by mixing the these ingredients and apply on the affected area. After that, bandage well and repeat the process 2 – 3 times a day. You can store paste in the fridge and use it the next 48 hours.

  1. Moles

The moles appear on the skin and they are not serious health concern. Still, once the mole starts to change its size or color, it may indicate cancer. Some of the best home remedies for treating moles are:

Garlic – you can utilize garlic extract or raw garlic as they are very productive for mole treatment. First step is to clear the skin around the mole with masking tape or petroleum jelly. The best natural solution is to choose beeswax. Simply apply topically and bandage the mole. Repeat the procedure until you see positive results.

Castor oil and baking soda – prepare combination of these ingredients until you get nice paste and apply topically on the mole. Next step is to bandage the area and leave paste to act overnight. After you wake up the next morning, wash the skin well. Repeat each night until you notice improvement.

Apple cider vinegar – take a cotton ball and soak it in apple cider vinegar and then apply directly on the mole. Bandage the area well and let it to act for 8 hours. Repeat this procedure until the mole begins to darken and falls off.

  1. Warts

The human papillomavirus or HPV causes warts. The most common treatments are wit h salicylic acid or freezing. Still, in some cases, wrapping or the warts into duct tape is very helpful solution. Below we are going to suggest you some other treatments that will help you get rid of warts:

Banana peel – Banana peel probably is the fastest way for a wart – free skin. Simply rub the wart with banana peel every night before you go to bed and repeat treatment until the wart disappears. You can notice the results after 2 weeks.

Pure raw honey – rub raw honey directly on the wart as very effective method to dispose of it. After application you should wrap the skin with a bandage. If you threat the warts with raw honey, they have really small changes of reoccurring.

Apple cider vinegar – every night apply apple cider vinegar onto wart by using a cotton ball soaked in the liquid. Then bandage area and leave it to act overnight. Rinse and repeat this process until the wart fades.

Garlic – garlic has the ability to deal with warts in just 14 days if is used raw or juiced. Simply rub garlic on the wart and wrap the area well. In order to get best results, apply garlic juice two times a day.

4.Clogged pores

Every day, our skin is in contact with outer dirt and that is the reason why pores tend to get clogged and the skin breathing is interrupted. In order to get glowing and soft skin, without any unwanted inflammation, follow these steps:

Sugar scrub – prepare a paste by combining sugar and lemon. Rub that mixture on the skin with an organic cotton ball. Massage the skin with circular motions. Once you finish that wash well with warm water.

Steaming – the water steam is very efficient and will provide you shiny and cleansed skin. First step is to wash your face well. After that, you need to place your face over boiling water. Make sure to cover your head with a towel, for best effect. Steam 10 – 15 minutes and try to be exposed to the steam as much as possible. When you finis that, wash your face and rinse well with lukewarm water. In order to remove any extra dirt, apply vinegar.

5.Dark spots

The dark spots on the skin come with the aging process and may appear on the limbs or the face. Even though the cause of this skin problem is not clear yet, it is linked with liver irregularities and too long exposure to sun. Below you can see few advices to treat them:

Lemon – due to the properties to neutralize the dark spots, you should soak a cotton ball on lemon juice and rub on dark spots two times per a day.

Aloe vera – it is advisable to use raw Aloe vera on the dark spot and leave it act for half an hour.

Onion – it is fact that onions are extremely healthy for many purposes, and removing dark spots in one of them. Utilize juice or blend onion to apply directly onto the dark spot. Leave to act for 10 – 15 minutes and then rinse well. Repeat this procedure until dark spots fade.

Horseradish– prepare mixture of horseradish and vinegar and apply onto the dark spot every day. After a while, you will notice great improvement and the dark spot will disappear.

Vitamin C serums – the homemade Vitamin C serums are perfect for removing dark spots. Apply topically to dark spots and you will notice results very soon. You also can use Vitamin C serums for elimination of other damaged skin tissue.

Various skin issues and conditions are common for people of all ages and very often the treatment is pretty delicate.: