Dakota Johnson Jamie Dornan Boyfriend Matthew Hitt: ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Actress Proves Rejection By Co-Star Didn’t Bother Her


(Photo : Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images) Dakota Johnson Attends ‘El Hormiguero’ Tv Show

Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, and the actress’s boyfriend, Matthew Hitt, have been making the deadlines of late. Over the past couple of weeks, rumors that the “Fifty Shades Darker” co-stars were dating each other secretly surfaced online.

However, Dornan had reportedly confirmed to The Belfast Telegraph that it was impossible for him to be in love with Johnson since he was head over heels for his wife, Amelia Warner, according to KPopStarz.

To prove that she was not bothered at all at Dornan’s non-hesitance to tell the world that he will never develop any feelings for her, she created her very own Instagram account and filled it with her love for music – most likely inspired by her boyfriend Matthew Hitt.

Clearly, Dakota Johnson does not care at all that Jamie Dornan has no romantic feelings for her since she has Matthew Hitt by her side. At present, she is busy shooting a new movie, entitled, “How to be Single.” The report mentioned that she is merely counting the days for filming to be over so that she can have some quality time with the Drowners guitarist.

They were reportedly spotted walking around New York City while holding hands, according to Daily Mail. Dakota Johnson seemed to be on break from filming “How to be Single” and spent her free time with her 28-year-old boyfriend Matthew Hitt.

Dakota Johnson and her boyfriend Matthew Hitt have decided to break up late last year due to unspecified reasons. Whatever those were, though, it would appear that they have put everything behind them since they are back together now, according to Us Weekly.

One hurdle that Dakota Johnson and her boyfriend Matthew Hitt may have to get through will be the disapproval of Johnson’s family. Apparently, they are not supportive of how her love life is too open in public. They want her and her beau to take the romance down a notch, as reported by Movie News Guide.