Fifty Shades Freed: Top Seductive Scenes


Fifty Shades Freed is the third and final installment in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. This book continues to follow Ana, the student who fell hopelessly in love with billionaire Christian Grey.

Now the couple has everything that anyone would want, so it seems, yet the many challenges and triumphs the couple faces Is immaculate.

People (okay women,) love 50 Shades of Grey because it allows them to be free. The book trilogy is borderline S&M, and it is 100% seductive, sultry and exciting. Now a 2015 movie is in the works, and fans could not be any happier. The writer of the trilogy, E.L. James, is a big part of the movie, helping direct and choose the cast members.

Most Talked About Scenes

If you’ve yet to read the book, what are you waiting for? Another year and the movie will be here, and of course the third installment is just as exciting as the rest of the book. It is a best-seller across the world, so finding a copy of Freed isn’t difficult to do, either.

To give you even more reason to pick up the book and begin reading, take a look at these most-talked about 50 Shades of Grey Freed book scenes, and then decide for yourself whether this is a book that you want to read!

Fifty Shades Freed

1. Christian Handcuffs Anastasia and Gives Her a Warning

Nothing is more seductive than someone telling you they’re going to fuck you til you scream, except for them actually doing it. This is a statement that Christian made to Anastasia, and one that he followed up. Anastasia is more than excited when she sees him grabbing the handcuffs. After an oddly strapped and cuffed Anastasia is in a knee-to-chest position he gives her mounds of pleasure.

2. A Nice Touch Up

Anastasia isn’t someone that wants her lady region to look anything but beautiful when Christian is around. In this sexy scene, Anastasia shaves her lady region, but as he plants a kiss on her areas, Christian realizes that she missed a hair or two and continues the shaving for her. Of course in this hot and steamy novel you can only expect the help that he offered to lead to more. As he slips a finger inside of Anastasia this is just what happens!

3. A Wild Car Chase

Even a car chase cannot keep the chemistry this couple has down. Christian was aroused by the chase, the fear kicking in his hormones full driver. Even in a parking lot after the car chase Christian is ready for action. He places Anastasia’s knees forward and lifts her ass into him as the thrusts back and forth causing her to feel most pleasured.

4. Spanking Fun & Beyond

Anastasia cannot handle the gentle spanking Christian is bestowing upon her with his fingers stuck inside; it feels so pleasurable, but when he removes his fingers and rubs them over her anus that excitement grows more. Christian reveals a gift he has for the beautiful Anastasia –a butt plug.

5. So Much to Learn

Anastasia is so young she is inexperienced in the sexual department, although Christian isn’t concerned because he is more than happy with the relations the two have had with one another. As Christian sucks and caresses her breasts he explains to her how much she has to learn, all of which he will teach her one day. Her breasts are beautiful, and he tells Anastasia he is going to fuck them, though Anastasia’s inexperienced leaves her clueless.

6. It is Anastasia’s Turn

Uh-oh. The usually quiet and submissive Anastasia has turned the tables on Christian after he makes her really mad! She tries so hard to get him off of her but she wants him too badly. As he rolls her on top of him she realizes she is in control, things are going the way she wants them to. And she is lost in immense pleasure.

7. I Touch Myself

Anastasia is getting more at ease and more comfortable, as proved when she starts touching herself and allowing Christian to watch. He guides her of course, as she begins fondling her breasts and nipples, groaning as she realizes just how pleasurable this is.

8. Time for a Drink

The kicker in this book –Anastasia realizes she is pregnant with Christian’s baby. When this news is revealed Christian responds by going and getting drunk with Mrs. Elena ‘Bitch troll’ Robinson.

These are just 8 scenes out of the Freed book that are sexy, sultry and amazing. If you didn’t already know, know you can understand why so many people flock to this series. These books are great to read and there are tons and tons more great scenes just like the ones above that keep the readers on page after page. Learn it all for yourself.