Chris Wark beat cancer with nutrition. In this video he shares the recipe for the salad he consumed daily during his cancer battle to help you understand the kinds of foods that build your immune system so your body can heal itself. 728 Shares COMMENT WITH FACEBOOK: Comments. Share your thoughts below::

After being identified with cancer (phase 3), a boy decided not to opt for the traditional chemotherapy, and started thinking that nature has something much better for him. His determination presumed that he began altering his dietary routines. We offer you his favorite anti-cancer salad recipe.

Back in 2003, Chris Wark was identified with stage 3 colon cancer. He was 26 at that time. After the surgical treatment he refused to get the regular chemotherapy treatment, and concentrated on healing his body with healthy diet instead. Today, he is totally cured and the nasty disease is permanently gone.

His well balanced meals were filled with minerals, vitamins and enzymes. He claims that there is no better way than getting in nutrients into your organism such as juicing fresh fruits and vegetables.

Organic herbs, seeds and vegetables are the primary ingredients he utilizes in preparation of this anti-cancer salad. He states it is the healthiest and biggest salad ever made. Chris avoids eating dairy and meat items.

We all understand that dark green leafy vegetables are quite rich in anti-oxidants that keep the free radicals from harming our organism. According to Chris, veggies and fruits require various food digestion time which is why he never ever blends vegetables and fruits. By blending them together you might slow down the recovery procedure.

We have actually noted the active ingredients Chris utilized in order to become a cancer-free person, and make certain that you view the video below.

The anti-cancer salad is a leafy mix of:

-kale, spinach, infant romaine, arugula
-child mushrooms
-red onion
-bell peppers
-red cabbage
-alfafa sprouts
-sunflower seeds
-grown garbanzo beans
-grown mung beans
-sprouted red or green lentils
-natural sauerkraut (including just 3 active ingredients: cabbage, water and salt).
-Salad dressing (never use shop purchased).

-Organic Cold-Pressed Bonus Virgin Olive Oil.
-Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

Sprinkle with these four cancer battling spices:

-organic Oregano.
-natural Garlic Powder.
-organic Turmeric or Curry Powder.
-organic Cayenne Pepper.

Here is the video from which you can discover that the making of this salad is as simple as it appears.