How to Remove 30 Pounds of Toxins Deposited in Your Colon with Only 2 Ingredients

The colon is one of the most important organs in the body because it regulates the immune system, aids the digestion process, and maintains water balance in the body. Therefore, when the colon isn’t functioning 100%, toxic waste begins piling up in the body, instead of being disposed adequately.

During our life, more than 30,000 liters of liquid pass through the intestines, with additional 100 tons of different types of foods. That is, the intestines contain more than 30 pounds of toxic waste and fecal deposits.

These toxins enter the blood and they can cause irreparable damage. Some of the most common symptoms of a toxic colon are constipation, excessive weight, kidney and liver diseases, diabetes, problems with the skin, nails, and hair, arthritis, cancer, disrupted metabolism, etc.

In order to remove all these toxins from the colon, you should consume 1 to 3 tbsp of flaxseed flour for 3 weeks. Flaxseed encourages the cleansing, but it also preserves the intestinal microflora.

How to do the cleanse


  • 350 ml of kefir
  • Organic flaxseed meal

Use: During the first week, you need to mix 100 ml of kefir with 1 tbsp of flaxseed meal and drink it, during the second week you should mix 100 ml of kefir with 2 tbsp of flaxseed meal, and during the third week, you need to drink a mixture of 150 ml of kefir and 3 tbsp of flaxseed meal.

Don’t forget to drink a lot of water during this treatment. This method shouldn’t be performed more than once per year.

Why flaxseeds?

Because they’re a rich source of fiber- crucial for a healthy digestion. Fiber has a positive effect on the gut as well. Flaxseeds are rich in soluble and insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber adds bulk to the contents of the intestines. Hence, this bulk betters the bowel movement and thus, aids the elimination of the waste. Moreover, soluble fiber absorbs water in the intestine and stomach and forms a gel. This gel slows down the digestion and contributes to easier absorption of food nutrients.

Since flaxseeds increase the satiety, you will also lose surplus weight in a healthy way. Flaxseeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that reduce the inflammation in the digestive system and prevent constipation. Flaxseeds can also decrease the high level of bad cholesterol, and thus, reduce the chances of cardiovascular illnesses.


116 thoughts on “How to Remove 30 Pounds of Toxins Deposited in Your Colon with Only 2 Ingredients

      1. Lameka

        So once a day for the 1st week you are suppose to drink 100 ml of kefir with 1 tbsp of flaxseed meal.
        Week 2 once a day drink 100 ml of kefir with 2 tbsp of flaxseed meal.
        Week 3 once a day drink 150 ml of kefir and 3 tbsp of flaxseed meal.

        Week 1 and week 2 you will need ( 7 ) 100ml of kefir
        Week 3 ( 7 ) 150ml of kefir

        Just want to know if this is right?????

      2. Jennie

        So for weeks 1& 2 do you drink 100 ML each day & then week 3 drink 150 ML each day? So technically you would need 2,450 ML of kefir for the 3 weeks???

          1. Admin Post author

            Hi SantaMaria,

            There are many places selling flaxseed meal. Have you try the grocery stores? If you can’t get it, then try Walmart or buy it from Amazon.


      3. Brandy

        Thank you so much. I have spent years having intestinal issues. I work out, go to yoga but could never lose weight. I am down 14 lbs. Its incredible. I feel so blessed. I haven’t been this thin since 2007.

        1. Admin Post author

          Hi Brandy,

          Thanks for your comment. Glad to hear from you. Keep it up and update me your progress later.

          God bless you.

          1. Brandy

            Its been a few more weeks now and I continue to stay thin, it is amazing. I am no longer taking the Kefir and flaxseed because my 3 weeks is up but I am still staying thin and not putting back on the weight just because I have one cookie. I am 48 years old. I am not straining myself on workouts as much. I can eat more and digest better. I sweetened my Kefir with Honey, it made it much easier to get down. Good luck everyone, I hope you enjoy the same result.

          2. Admin Post author

            Hi Brandy,

            I’m so happy to hear from you. I’m glad you share your amazing result with us. I’m truly touched and inspired by your success story. So, a big thank you to you. This ought to inspire anyone out there who’re still skeptical about this cleanse to take action.

            Yes, you were clever to sweetened your kefir with honey. So, if anyone out there find it hard to swallow kefir, this might be a good idea.

            Now that you’re staying thin, motivate yourself to stay thin. Continue to workout at your pace and watch your diet.

            God bless you.

          3. Brandy

            PS. You can buy Kefir and Flaxseed Meal at Trader Joes, and it is less expensive than a health food store

        1. Kat

          Yes, non ground flaxseed are very difficult for your body to break down. Always try to consume ground or soaked flax seed.

      4. Gema

        If I keep on taking my blood pressure and metformin medications will the cleansing be worthless or
        Will still be beneficial?

    1. Mallory

      I questioned this too because body suggests daily but materials needed says 350ml kefir. 100ml week one 100ml week 2 and 150ml week three would equal 350ml total…

    2. Lientjie Taljaard

      Hi Carolyn, why do u not say in recipe the 2 ingredients should be taken DAILY for weeks 1- 3?? How to Cleanse: Also just indicates 350 ml Kefir and Flaxseed meal. Should one then read HOW to use it indicates only once a week!! Thanks. Lientjie

  1. Johanna hernandez

    Do you drink this in the morning? Do i take this without changing current diet or food intake?

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Johanna,

      Best is drink this in the morning but if you can’t, then you can drink this anytime. It is better than none. Hope this helps.

    1. Kris

      It’s a fermented milk product. It has the taste & consistency of a drinkable yogurt. It’s one of the richest form of probiotics you can get.

    2. Ros

      Kefir is fermented milk – you can make it yourself with a culture – google for where to get this from. I got mine from a friend. Add milk and leave it to ferment for a couple of days, strain it and start another batch while you are drinking the first one so that you never run out. It’s very good for you!

    3. Marcus

      Kefir is a cultured, creamy product with amazing health attributes. Kefir’s tart and refreshing flavor is similar to a drinking-style yogurt, but it contains beneficial yeast as well as friendly ‘probiotic’ bacteria found in yogurt.

    4. LC

      It’s a type of milk/ yogurt. You should be able to find it in the dairy or creamer aisles. Good luck!

    5. Celine

      Kefir is a fermented milk…it tastes sour. Before I even read this article I had a feeling something unpalatable was required. It’s always apple cider vinegar or kefir.

  2. Mike

    Im confused. It says 100ml kefir and 1 tbsp flaxseed first and second weeks….. then the comments say each day. Then the ingredients say 350ml kefir. Do you split the 100ml and 1tbsp over 7 days? It appears misleading with the amounts per week vs the fact its supposed to be daily.

  3. Magan

    Is this something you want to be at home for? As in near a bathroom😬? Do you still go on with your normal eating habits along with this?

    Thanks ,


  4. Jacqueline Pena

    So I’ve never heard of Kefir before and I’m googling it but there are so many different kinds. Should it be grains or yogurt? What would you recommend??
    Please help!! Thank you

  5. Brandi

    Just to make sure I understand the dosage, I”m supposed to take 100mls of kefir mixed w/ 1tbsp of flaxseed meal daily for the first week and the same routine for the next 2 weeks but different dosage?

    1. Kate

      Kaffir lime is completely different from kefir. Kefir is sold in the dairy section of grocery store and is similar to yogurt. Lifeway is a good brand.

  6. Matthew Vanselow

    Hi! I’ve read that every single “detox” diet is a hoax and is unscientific and misleading. That is what I believe to be true. Does anyone care to leave a reply if you disagree?

  7. Melissa Sonntag

    Does is matter whether it is water kefir or milk kefir?

    also, just for clarification…
    in the article you said we would need 350ml of kefir and organic flax seed meal, but in response to a question it says that the amounts are daily, so we would need 700 ml of kefir for the first week, and 700 ml for the second week, then 1050 ml for the third week…am I understanding this correctly? Likewise, we would need 7 Tbsp of flaxseed meal the first week, 14 Tbsp the second week, and 21 Tbsp the third week?

    TIA for clarifying!

    1. Pam

      You can find it in most grocery stores either in the yogurt section or milk section. It comes in a tall bottle.

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Stacie,

      You’ll experience greater bowel movements that will eliminate the toxins from your body.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  8. Derrick

    Do you use water kefir or milk kefir? Also what do you mix the kefir and flaxseed with water or juice? Thanks

  9. Cece


    I noticed a few people have been inquiring about whether or not you should drink this as a fast or along with your regular diet.

    I also noticed people asking about the physical affects of this cleanse…to be direct, will there be greater bowel movements? Should I plan to do this cleanse during a vacation period so as to not interrupt my daily tasks? You also mentioned drinking alot of water….is dehydration a possibility???

    I appreciate the advice, but safety is key…especially with a title that depicts losing 30 lbs of waste in a mere 3 weeks.

    Please respond, your readers want to the assistance before beginning this journey.

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Cece,

      Sorry to reply now.

      If you’re doing this cleanse, then it’s best to drink this together with a regular diet. Please don’t combine any other specofic weight lost diets as not to disrupt your body.

      Also, this cleanse will help with greater bowel movements to eliminate the toxins. You don’t have to do this during vacation period because it will not interrupt your daily tasks.

      Dehydration is possible. I say this because different people will react to this cleansing differently. So, if you feel dehydrated, just drink more water. Anyway, water is good for your body. Hope this helps.

      Thanks for your questions.

      Good luck.

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Jennifer Adams,

      Kefir is a cultured, creamy product with amazing health attributes. No, it is not rotten milk. Kefir can be made from any type of milk, cow, goat or sheep, coconut, rice or soy. Although it is slightly mucous forming, the mucous has a “clean” quality to it that creates ideal conditions in the digestive tract for the colonization of friendly bacteria.

      If this cleanse sounds complicated, check out this article for a simplier effective diet. Here’s the link – –

  10. Linnia

    I understand the directions of how to do this detox. My question is…Does it HAVE to be milk kefir? I have water kefir and would prefer to use it because I do not like milk in any way, shape, or form. I dislike milk so much that I cannot bring myself to even try milk kefir. (Fingers crossed I can use water kefir….lol.)

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Linda,

      Thanks for the wonderful question.

      Water kefir (usually pronounced keh-FEER) works as well. The answer is YES. Hope this helps.

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Melanie,

      Kefir is a must for this cleanse. I think you need to check around your area to get kefir. Hope this helps.

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Mini,

      google search how can i make kefir at home. There are tons of information about it. If you can’t get the information you want, let me know. I’ll help you out, okay.

      Thanks for your comment.

  11. Kalei

    Ok I’m in 👍🏼
    Got my products today. Both items from Down to Earth here
    on Oahu, Hawaii. Whole Foods had these but was too far for
    me today.
    Excited about this, will keep you informed on a daily basis.
    I’m 60+ and lived a wonderful life doing everything that
    was FUN and not necessarily healthy. I have health conditions that I’ve researched could be improved
    by a colon cleanse.
    I don’t see any complications, but will report daily.
    Thank you for the hope to clean it up.

  12. Kalei

    Day 1. (05:00) Up early this Sunday morning with the roosters crowing (0 dark 30).
    I picked up a pomegranate blueberry and honey nonfat Kefir and a bag of Flaxseed Meal yesterday.
    Made my drink of 100ml Kefir and 1 Tbsp of Flaxseed Meal. Flaxseed sat on top of Kefir, so stirring seemed the correct thing to do.
    Drank mixture quickly, taste was good. Used the Tbsp to get all of the Kefir/Flaxseed out of the measuring cup.
    Later in the day all bodily functions normal.
    Did not change my meal intake.
    Will check in tomorrow.

  13. Kalei

    Day 2- Inhaled my drink mixture. Did an oatmeal breakfast and a small lunch. Drinking water more frequently. A reduction in food intake noticed, maybe from the increase in water intake. No change in bodily functions.
    Check in tomorrow. Thanks

  14. Kalei

    Another day, love this drink 🍹. No change in my food intake
    today. Hydrating as needed. Ready for a good nights sleep Looking to a great morning 🌅

  15. Ysmn

    What if we keep consuming flaxseed meal after 3 weeks daily? And what would be the maximum daily dosage for a person who has IBS?

  16. Kalei

    Made my drink 🍹 still tasting good.
    Felt a small knot at my lower right abdomen. Notice dry mouth early this morning, increasing water intake. Extra bm this morning. See what the evening brings.
    Have a Happy

  17. Kalei

    Drink 🍹 is great. Extra spring in my walking around work today. Really light breakfast and lunch, not feeling hungry or tired at work today. Might this be due to cleaning up?
    Back tomorrow. 🌴

  18. Kalei

    Had to get to work earlier this morning, missed my drink. Caught up with it when I got home. Still had bounce in my step. Lots of water. Back tomorrow 🤗

  19. Kalei

    Yesterday was Saturday and I made my drink and it went down smoothly. I am noticing still more spring in my walk and I’m not quite as tired in the afternoon .
    Today is Sunday the first day of the increased flaxseed mixture. Didn’t go down quite as easily but I did manage to get all of it in. Did feel something moving through my intestines which was a good feeling, but thought it would be a good idea to be close to a bathroom. Did have a couple extra BM. Did a chef salad tonight and will continue drinking lots of water. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.
    Have a happy

  20. Karena

    I’m really intrigued by this as all my adult life I have had a sluggish bowel. I put on weight easily and notice when away with friends that my body doesn’t seem to work nearly as well as theirs. (Without putting too fine a point on it) I am constantly constipated so I’d be forever grateful if this were to give me a thorough colon cleanse. May I ask what harm it would do to do it every four months for example and if needed? Last question for now 😮, is it completely safe , as I’m in my late fifties but would adore it if this sorted this problem out for me. Many thanks

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Karena,

      Thank you so much for dropping by. Since you’re in your late fifties, I would advise you to check with your doctor first before you attempt to try this cleanse.

      Good luck to you.

  21. Sherry

    This Admin has patience of a saint. ALL the questions are answered if you’d simply read the article carefully, them read the Q&A.

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Sherry,

      Thank you for kind words. I try to help out everybody if possible. Just hope that i didn’t miss out any of your comments.

      Let me know if any of your questions are not answered. Thank you.

  22. Samantha

    I bought the LifeWay blueberry kefir is that going to work as well as just plain kefir? I couldn’t find the plain anywhere. I had the choice of blueberry and strawberry. And the blueberry was actually very good,even with the flaxseed meal in it. I was honestly expecting it to taste really sour or tart.

  23. Kalei

    Monday was another day into the 2 Tbls @ 100 mil.
    Slightly slower getting down, but doable, lots to scraping
    out of measuring cup. No increase in number of BM, but
    increase in mass, yes.
    Tuesday same results.
    Wednesday also.
    No change in weight.
    No problem.
    Back later.
    Have a great one.

    1. Alieda

      Any updates? I’ve been following your posts to see how it’s going before I decide to try it. Seems like you should be about halfway through the cleanse. Have you noticed any weight loss or decreased bloating? It seems to have boosted your energy which is already a plus for me.

  24. Angeline

    Can I substitute flaxseed meal for chia seeds? And can this be done while breastfeeding?

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Angeline,

      No, you can’t substitute flaxseed meal with chia seeds. Any particular reason you don’t like flaxseed meal. Since you’re breastfeeding, i would advise you to check with your doctor first. Hope this helps and good luck to you.

  25. Ronda

    So is there a particular type of kefir I need to buy? I see the bottles of the Lifeway brand in the stores but some are low fat and some are flavored…is one more beneficial than the others?

  26. Gema

    Hello Everyone thanks for posting comments, I started
    The cleansing March 26, this is my second day and no change in BM yet I’m wondering how long it would take to see a difference in BM.
    Kaile, please keep on posting your results, it’s very
    helpful for all of us who’s trying to benefit from this cleansing that seems to make a lot of sense as I know these two ingredients are very beneficial. Can’t wait to read more
    Of your post results, thank you 😊

  27. William

    Please note when purchasing already prepared flaxseed meal; it is rancid. Normally will become rancid within 10 minutes after it’s mealed.

    Making your own flaxseed meal is simple, fast, healthy, and cost effective. I find a coffee grinder works great!

  28. Val

    You have the mixture in milligrams, exactly how much is this? Like what does it equal in liquid? A cup or a half ? Any help ,also is it of to get the low fat flavor kefir

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Val,

      Do you have a problem with the mixture? It’s simple to mix the ingredients. Can you ask someone to help you with the mixture?

      And yes with the low fat flavor kefir.

  29. Kj

    I am really irritated!! I went to Trader Joe’s and bought the Kefir and flaxseed a week ago. I am now on my 2nd week, with an EXTRA 3 lbs. And feeling tremendously FAT. Is this normal. I don’t know if I can handle another 3lbs. My back is killing me.

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Kj

      Did you mix the ingredients correctly? Use: During the first week, you need to mix 100 ml of kefir with 1 tbsp of flaxseed meal and drink it, during the second week you should mix 100 ml of kefir with 2 tbsp of flaxseed meal, and during the third week, you need to drink a mixture of 150 ml of kefir and 3 tbsp of flaxseed meal.

      Secondly, are you on diet or any other fat loss program? What about your back? You said your back is killing you? Do you have a history of back problem?

      There are so many questions i can think of? I really can’t help you without knowing more of your health condition.

      Sorry can’t be any help.

  30. Mike

    Hi, I am mid way through the cleanse and all is going well so far. BMs are much more consistent though I haven’t seen any weight loss or noticed any extra energy. But being more regular is great.

    My question – is there any reason that I could not continue with 100ml kefir and 1 Tbs of flaxseed meal on a daily basis? It would be great to get rid of the additional fiber supplements (not being taken during the cleanse by the way) and possibly the probiotics that I am currently taking.

    Thanks, Mike

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Mike,

      How long have you try this?

      Use: During the first week, you need to mix 100 ml of kefir with 1 tbsp of flaxseed meal and drink it, during the second week you should mix 100 ml of kefir with 2 tbsp of flaxseed meal, and during the third week, you need to drink a mixture of 150 ml of kefir and 3 tbsp of flaxseed meal.

      I hope you follow this cleanse exactly as stated in the article.

      Please let me know if you’ve any other questions.

      Thank you.

      1. Mike

        Hi, Yes I am doing it exactly as in the article, no problem there. My question had to do with going forward after the 3 weeks and doing the 100ml/1bs combination after that as a way to keep regular.

        Thanks, Mike

        1. Admin Post author

          Hi Mike,

          As stated in the article, please don’t do more than once in one single year. Start again next year after you’ve done it this year.

          BTW, how was your result if you don’t mind me asking? I’m sure a lot of people following this would love to know your result.

          Thank you for dropping by.

  31. Mike

    Hi, My digestion was much better but did not really lose weight or notice a difference in energy level. However, I am only about 10bls overweight, so I wasn’t expecting a big drop. Wanted to see if there was really much internal junk that needed to be cleared out but I guess the probiotics I have been taking have worked pretty well in that regard.

    I do understand not to do the full 3 weeks more than once a year, just wondering about doing the 100ml/1tbs regularly. Guess I will skip that and continue with the probiotics.


    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Mike,

      I would say that you continue with your probiotics. It’s working well for you.

      Thank you for dropping by.

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