Jamie Dornan appears in a picture with the HOC producer


Jamie Dornan the handsome Irish actor has had a splendid few months. He got lucky enough to play the role of Christian grey in the movie fifty shades of grey.

The movie is based on the novel by Eliot James. The actor had a great chance to be casted in the fifty shades but the rumor has it that he might also be appearing in the Netflix series House of Cards.

This is still in debate whether the star would appear in House of cards or not. However the actor seems to be a great fan of the political drama starring Kevin spacey and Robin Wright. The actor was shooting in Vancouver when he took time out to pose a photo with Dana Brunetti who is the producer of the show.

Jamie and Brunette pose for a pic in which Jamie is wearing Freddy’s BBQ joint t-shirt. The restaurant is favorite dining place of Frank Underwood in the show house of cards. The fans will surely know that Frank Underwood’s character is played by spacey.

The picture was uploaded by Brunetti on his social networking profiles. On the social network Facebook brunette gave an interesting caption to the photo. The caption posed a question that does fifty shades of grey lead actor eat at Freddy’s?.

Jamie Dornan New Tee

In case some of you don’t know Dana Brunetti is also the executive producer of house of cards. He managed to get a memorable picture with his lead actor in fifty shades movie. Brunetti has a good amount of cash invested in both the entertainment programs.The house of cards has had a successful year last time and this is going to be the second season of the series.

And no one yet knows how many successful seasons will this amazing series have. Customer reviews and the popularity of house of cards actors among the people predict it is going to be a very profitable season for Brunetti.

Even though the fans were too excited to see both of them in a pic and the Freddy’s t-shirt even gave more direction to it. They expect the smart young lad from Ireland to be a part of the house of the cards TV show as well. However to the viewer’s disappointment this is not going to happen anytime soon. Even though Jamie is a great fan of the show and has personal liking for it he still can’t make it to be a part of the series due to his busy schedule.

The sky's the limit for Jamie Dornan

The Brit actor had some fun with his phone during some down time in between takes (Fame Flynet UK)
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After the shooting for fifty shades of grey movie in Vancouver get complete the actor will instantly rush back to work on the BBC drama the fall. The actor is having a very tight schedule these days and does not find enough time to manage shooting for an extra series. If the fans want to catch a glimpse of their favorite actor, Jamie will be appearing this Friday on the graham Norton show as well.

Well the movie fifty shades is going to be a massive one owing to its splendid cast. Not only Jamie but the rest of the actors are also top notch in the industry. Jamie was however not the first choice for the directors. They had first chosen Charlie Hunman to play the role of Christian Grey. Hunman was rejected for the role for no apparent reasons. No one yet knows the mystery of the Christian Grey role as three major actors have been announced to play it so far.

After Hunman the next actor who stepped in was 31 year old Jamie. Jamie has had two great roles in The Fall and Once upon a time so far. In the BBC drama The Fall Jamie is playing against the ever beautiful co-star Gillian Anderson. The actors all of them are top quality actors who deliver splendid performances in front of the camera.

Sexy Dakota Johnson

The movie fifty shades of grey is going to be an amazing one as Dakota Johnson gets her first lead role as an actress. The audience eagerly waits for the movie to be aired as it has had too much gossip already even before its release. No wonder it is going to be a hit as it has already occupied people’s minds, conversations, social media sites and celebrity talk shows attention.

The cast of the movie is too excited about it as the plot of the novel it is based on is very strong and racy. It is going to be a treat to watch the role of Christian Grey being put into visualization and Antasia Steele being played by the young Dakota Johnson. This is the first time Dakota Johnson is going to play the lead role as an actress and the fans have their figures crossed yet.