This Fawn Was Too Young To Play With His New BFF, But Soon He Made It Home

Have no fear.

When a very young fawn appeared on their doorstep, this family’s cat immediately took quite the liking to him. He tried to get the baby up to play around the backyard a little, but the fawn needed some more time to get used to life before he was able to stand. Very young fawns aren’t able to walk immediately…

One thing’s for sure, though…it’s adorable to watch the kitten try to play with him!

Then again, if you’re worried about the little guy getting back to momma…

Then again, if you're worried about the little guy getting back to momma...YouTube

Have no fear.

In due time, he pranced his way back into the woods, where he belongs!

It’s so cute to see different species interacting like this. Maybe the baby deer will come back one day to say hello to his old friend, when they’re both all grown-up. I bet they’d remember each other!