Top 9 Rihanna Body Tattoo Designs

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Singer Rihanna has a number of tattoos on her body. As we all know that she is well known for the latest trends be it hairstyles or be it any kind of makeup look.

Her eye makeup is quite popular and also the types of clothes of hair extensions that she wears, she is known to set recent trends be it from the various inks that she wears or be it any other forms of fashion statement.


You can get similar custom made designs like her. She has quite a few of them and these are also very stylish to sport and carry on your body.

She recently did a cover up design for her hands which was very controversial and created headlines.

Below are the top 9 types of tattoos that Rihanna wears on her body and you can get similar designs done from your artist if you are a fan of this singer or like her styles and want something like her design.

Design 1:


This is a wrist tattoo that Rihanna wears on her hand. This is done in the Maori format and this is tribal as is seen. She has a liking for various ancient patterns. As we all know that these formats are often quite large.

However, this singer sports it in a very slim pattern and this is at the side of the wrist and therefore it does not look very clumsy or in any other form that is very dark or very bold with thick lines. These types of designs can be easily done and if you are a girl then you can do similar designs.

This also has a small hibiscus which is a common thing for these patterns. You can also do some wavy styles or custom make these. You can also use other colours to make this suitable to your style.

Design 2:


This is a font tattoo that Rihanna has. You can wear these types of looks at the side of your body. These are very stylish and also can be done with anything that you want to get inked.

Design 3:

The singer has the design of a gun below her armpits and at the side of her body. This is quite daring thing that you can also try out. This can be made with other styles that are often sport by many women and can be sport with much ease when you are getting this at the side of your body.

Design 4:

Rihanna-Tattoos4The singer sports many star designs at her back. These are in a wavy style. These are some that has no colour inside of it and some are coloured. You can do similar styles with some other colours as per your choice.

Design 5:

Rihanna-Tattoos5The design that says “Shhh…” is quite popular. You can do similar thing for your fingers as well and you can use other colours or other fonts.

Design 6:


The Egyptian pattern that Rihanna sport is quite popular. If you want then you can also buy temporary designs that are like decals.

Design 7:

Rihanna-Tattoos7This is another Egyptian design the Nefertiti tattoo that the singer sports. You can also get similar styles done.

Design 8:

Rihanna-Tattoos8This is the cover up design that the singer did on her previously done tribal pattern on the hands. You can try out stylish patterns like this.

Design 9:

Rihanna-Tattoos9This is a picture of the cuticle design that the singer sports. You can too try cuticle designs and these are quite stylish.