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She Ate Cucumber Every Day For a Month, And She Then Reported These Changes


Numerous studies have confirmed that cucumbers are loaded with nutrients which can fight severe diseases, including cancer.They detoxify the body and keep it hydrated, and improve the skin and hair health. All you need to do to enjoy the countless health benefits of this vegetable is to consume it regularly as a side dish.

One of our contributors consumed cucumber on a daily basis for a month, and she experienced many changes in her health:

Detoxification and hydration of the skin

Cucumbers are 95% water, so they effectively hydrate the body, and restore numerous essential nutrients, needed for overall health.

Bad breath

Cucumbers quickly solve the problem with bad breath, as they have powerful antibacterial properties which destroy bacteria, which are the main culprit for unpleasant breath. All you need to do is to put a slice of cucumber in the mouth, and hold it for half a minute.

Digestion and Burning fat

The regular consumption of cucumbers boosts overall health. These vegetables help digestion and eliminate extra body fat. Moreover, they are high in water and dietary fiber, so they remove toxins and help weight loss.



5 Benefits Of Cucumber For Belly Fat

Weight loss, especially around the belly, can be a daunting challenge for many. Cucumber can be your friend in this battle by combating possible underlying causes like bloating, water retention, constipation. Thanks to its high water and fiber content, zero fat, and low caloric content. Try it out as a raw snack or juice with lemon, ginger, and aloe vera as added ingredients. It’s no secret that losing belly fat isn’t easy. But what if cucumbers could help? These refreshing veggies are low in calories, making them a stellar detox treatment. And since they’re exceptionally filling, they might be just what you need to reach your weight-loss goals. Who knew?

A “Spare Tire” Problem

Belly fat (“spare tire”) gets a lot of attention thanks to its potential health risks. It’s been linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and even cancer.1 Thankfully, losing those extra inches doesn’t mean you need to lose your mind, too. To understand how to combat tummy fat, you need to know what you’re dealing with. Sometimes, the bulge around the belly may just be bloating or water retention. This can happen because of constipation, food intolerance, overeating, bacterial irritation, or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), among other things.2

Other times, that “tire” may be exactly what it looks like – excess weight or fat. It tends to accumulate with age, as the metabolic rate for both men and women declines over time. And since belly fat has a sensitivity to hormonal balance, it can be especially tricky to lose until the underlying problem is fixed. Plus, for women, the body typically holds onto belly fat after pregnancy and during menopause. Talk about complicated! The average American lifestyle doesn’t help, either. It’s full of processed foods and chronic nutritional overload, marked by eating too much. These factors overwhelm the body, eventually slowing down metabolism.3 It’s basically a recipe for belly fat.

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Cleansing Cucumber Lemonade

Stay hydrated with our Cleansing Cucumber Lemonade! The fresh-squeezed lemon juice in this revitalizing beverage delivers powerful detoxing properties.

Lemon juice flushes toxins and alkalizes the body. Alkalizing is a process that involves consuming foods high on the pH scale. The American diet tends to be too acidic.

We consume a lot of low-pH foods like soda and cheese. Our bodies need to be alkalized to maintain optimal health. Sipping some homemade lemonade can help balance your pH level. Alkalizing your body and maintaining a balanced pH level has been linked to a lower risk of heart disease and cancer.

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