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A Magic Seed which Cures Cancer and Makes Wonders in Our Organism!


Even though you have heard about it recently, it has been existing for a couple of thousands years. Because of its value, this seed has even been used as a currency. The Chia seed contains omega fats, proteins, antioxidants and dietary fibers. It has a mild taste like a walnut and since it absorbs the liquid, it is ideal for hydration and a feeling of satiety which will last for hours.

The Mayans and the Inca treated this small but nutritious seed with great respect. In fact, chia is a Mayan word which means strength. You will get a lot of strength from the chia seeds that contain abundance of nutrients.

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This Amazing Drink Melts Kidney Stones, Cure Liver Cancer and Destroy Cancer Cells

This amazing drink melts kidney stones, cures liver cancer, cleans and destroys cancer cells. This is one of the most powerful drink out there, that has the ability to boost your immune system, improve digestion and reduce inflammation.

Ginger is very powerful anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-parasitic spice. It is also rich in essential oils which are giving its aroma and bitter taste. It can be of a big help with cardiovascular problems, can treat asthma, improve digestion and boost your immune. If you start consuming only a cup of ginger tea a day, you will reduce the chances of a stroke, as ginger will unclog all the fatty deposits that block the arteries.

It will improve your blood circulation by delivering oxygen, vitamins and minerals throughout your body.

How to prepare ginger tea?


  • 1 tbsp raw organic honey
  • ¼ teaspoon turmeric powder
  • ¼ teaspoon ginger powder
  • coconut milk – to taste


  • The preparation is quite simple, just add the turmeric and ginger to a pot of boiling water (1 ½ cup), reduce the heat and let it simmer for about 10 minutes.
  • Pour the coconut milk mix well and strain. Let it cool a bit and add the honey using a wooden or plastic spoon (never use metal spoon, as the honey will lose its health benefits).

Enjoy in this amazingly healthy and powerful ginger tea.

Source : beautyinhands.com