These 17 Horses Show That They’re The Best Friends An Animal Could Ever Ask For

1. A perfect place for a catnap.

Horses are truly the gentle giants of the animal world. They may be intimidating at first, especially to those who don’t know how loving they can be, but they’re accepting of all critters, large and small. Just take it from these 17 horses’ mouths — they make the very best friends to animals of all types!

2. Who needs a ball when you’ve got a stallion?

Who needs a ball when you've got a stallion? YouTube

3. “I’ll play leap frog as long as I don’t have to do anything.”

4. The tiniest kiss for the biggest nose.

The tiniest kiss for the biggest nose. Reddit / LyricalHobbitses

5. Eating with a pal is much better than eating alone!

6. “George, you slept through your alarm!”

7. “You don’t want to play right now? Okay, I’ll just chill here.”

8. “C’mon, Larry…you know I can’t nap without my blankie!”

9. A perk of having a horse friend: free baths.

10. “I love you, giant, majestic dog.”

11. Snow buddies for life!

Snow buddies for life!Reddit / foxic95

12. “Water please! Please?”

13. Peak relaxation: achieved.

14. “When’s it my turn with the kitty?”

15. “Don’t worry, there are plenty of ’em to go around.”

16. “Boop!”

17. Just precious!

These guys couldn’t have asked for better friends. Horses are the perfect combination of big and burly (for riding and napping on purposes) and playful and agile (for long games of tag). Now that I think about it…I want a horse!