These 20 Inspirational Images Show You What People Are Probably Really Thinking

Reddit / GoodyUzZaman, iStock

When you find someone deep in thought, you sometimes can’t help but wonder what they’re thinking about. You imagine they must be on some lofty intellectual pursuit, like writing a novel or formulating a theory. Unfortunately, you’ll never find out what people are thinking without asking, and they’re often reluctant to share.

Thanks to popular forums like Shower Thoughts and CrazyIdeas, we now know what people are really thinking about, and the topics may surprise you. They might even make you laugh.


Reddit / nightmareonrainierav, iStock

Now that you know that everyone’s brain is as bizarre as your own, feel free to indulge in those strange ruminations about whatever it is that’s popped into your strange little head today. You never know — mulling over these weird thoughts might just lead you to something brilliant!